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  1. Chase breaks a record tomorrow!!!!! Passing yards and tds in a game
  2. 21 is fast and physical man I like watching him on defense
  3. Wild how many cupCake teams he scheduled every year in Pre season
  4. In the words of Robert Dan ehh ehh hoss you taking it to far
  5. I don’t like that going for two everytime that’s not going to work against everybody
  6. Having Moreno back is really gone help our DLine
  7. Oh In behind them all the way also 100 percent but it’s time to send ManBun about his way to next school and get us a real coach
  8. There’s a diff tho KW they where disciplined those years and bowman had us disciplined too, just look at the kickoff and what they do that will tell you all you need to know that it will be coaching that gets us beat
  9. So are both teams just going out there on offense Only
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