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  1. Heeeeerey man!! Is something wrong with u? U not getting away with that!!!! Im not or didn't say they were co-champions. I said Hubbard champs and im sticking with that. U go do your homework and find out something different if u believe you can. Till then Its Hubbard champs in fall of 2020 like i know it was. My goodness. Come on bro. Yall really need to rise up or change from this type of mindset. That is rediculious. U don't know something, it ain't no harm in saying u do not know,whether u agree with me or not. Yall are sons of God whether u have been taught and shown that or not and i pray do yourselves a big favor TURNAWAY from this mindset and live like the big named historian Holy leaniage of whom u really are.
  2. Who? Tell me their name... who's name that is on that 2022 varsity roster/list of players that i seen. Who are you speaking of that graduated years ago and their name is on that list?
  3. Here goes anouther one that speaks just his own thoughts. I hope yall seeing the picture here. I can't really say what i want to on here but care about truth instead of gossip . Try not to love being or living in submission to the bottom of the barrells of the world. For your info i know what i need to know about Legacy and u don't tell me who or what to stick to. U stick to Longview whoever im speaking of and that deceit and disfunction,corruption in edit highlights to make their players appear better than others in their personal top whatever number of rankings. Refusing to show other players biggest talents and accomplishments in place mediocre accomplishments. Smh Note: Also mind ur buisness when things have nothing to do with you. Its wicked & Dysfunctional when you refuse that wisdom to do otherwise.
  4. Bro,look here. Get your facts together. U probably don't mean no harm. But bro. Hubbard indeed beat Boulter that last game in 2020 and it was for the championship. Hubbard was champs in 2020. They lost to Boulter first but beat the second time and it was for the championship. Now weather they were co-champions i can't argue that but i doubt it because i didn't hear it. I heard only Hubbard champs.
  5. I never told u i didn't know who he was. So how can u speak that? He is just sophomore. How u know what he is gonna do in the future? I never told u i never seen him play,so how can u speak that? U see? All u care about is slander and your own thought. No care in the world about the truth or facts. The people who liking your is favor of being the dysfunctional fool u looking like now who jus non sense and respect to seek out factual information before they speak about a person. Bro u need to seek the lord and his truth, i pray he wakes u up from the zombified mindset ur in.Wow !!! who are u to say who i know and don't until i speak on it first myself as the horses mouth.
  6. I make my decision off imformation i gather. U just go off your own thoughts and slander no truth ir imformation sought out. Like i said its wait and see.
  7. Personal Aeryn Hampton update: Now i think i know the reason he is JT's roster Hudl. When u click on his name and click on "About",u will see information about him. When u scroll down further u will see teams teams he played with according to his hudl information. It has Tyler High on their from 2021 - present. It also has him in Whitehouse in 2019. I don't think he ever played with them. U click on tyler for 2020 & 2021 his name is on those rosters but for QB. Why it was on 2022? I don't know. It wasn't on 2021 at first. Imo ,some of that may have a little to do with his about information and his name is may automatically be going to those teams. I seen his information before very recently and i don't remember ever seeing whitehouse on there. Now im kinda skeptical to that he will play with JT this season but im still holding out hope because i still ain't seen nothing air tight either way yet. For sure thing,he was definitely named on Tyler high 2022 team. I still believe that may mean something torwards him playing in Tyler because i can't figure out why it was on there. Do any of you any of you understand how Hudl works in that category?
  8. Ok well i can't argue the part about Hampton totally but Von G is not about facts or information,just about his own thoughts or gossip like many others. What imformation does he have that is swaying his mind in that direction? Thats what i care about. Its not saying anything when someone just gives an opinion all by itself. Thats just slander and gossip. He may not be coming back this year or he may. The imformation that has me in hopes he may come back was i saw his name on a 2022 team of JT players but it was removed last friday morning sometime and placed on 2021 and we know he was not on 2021 JT team. So i don't know. Its just a wait and see. I don't think Dangerfield would let him go so easily anyway but as i said it's wait and see.
  9. U just want them to be. Because u hate the truth. It karate chops your feelings and bully it & boot it in the butt with the inside part of it shoe.
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