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  1. Well we have to wait and see what the Qb is like. Im sure if the Holt was not hurt last season people would of said how good that team was. If the Qb this year is good or atleast manageable, they can be dangerous. If not ,then like then of last season, they will go as far as their limitations takes them and usually thats not far.
  2. In your opinion. But there are people in east that believe that Hale is not the best in east tx much less the state. I believe Montrell Wade of Tyler High is better than him. People can say this and that is best in the state just because somebody else's list that could be heavily boosted by some kind of camp attendance. I think Montrell Wade can give any recievers in Texas a run for their money especially, east,tx. I have already seen he is better than him(Jalen Hale). Thats my opinion, i have seen both players on film and in person.Wade has a nice edge with more things he can do well and ways he can be used at Wr. Thats not mentioning the ball hawk he is at safety. Haven't seen Cook that i have noticed. Im not sure if he even played in the scrimmage vs Tyler last year. The other guy yall named ,Pettaway or what from Langham Creek, i haven't seen any film on him yet that i can remember at this time but i have no reason to believe he is not good like the others but im just making the point that all the best players are not put out there and marketed like others that went to events like those Rival camps for example. Everyone is not known or have it as their top priority. The benefits of that is just words and writings and maybe alot of letters from colleges that you can only choose one of just like everyone else. The numbers and performance on the field is what matters in the end.
  3. Some reason or another somethings wrong with the tread now according to him.(lobofan07) These men need to learn to seek truth & understanding. Its good for them. This was a good example. Lobofan just have to be bored. Thanks wolverbean for bringing up whitehouse, we found out they were indeed actually part of Tyler.
  4. Shut up naaawww "its part of Tyler." Gone with that bs u talking about. lmao, whitehouse!!!! wait till they start winning im gonna bandwagon them to like chapel hill
  5. Waiiiiiit holdup i stand corrected!!!!!! I didn't know about whitehouse. I didn't have this knowledge as i did chapel hill. They are part of Tyler. Maybe thats why they let them go to school there. Wow!!! Duuuuuh i guess. Wow i didn't know that. Common sense is never to assume,seek truth & understanding. I should know that. Many of us others should walk that way to. Torwards understanding & truth.
  6. Patrick mahomes must say himself he is from Tyler. His profile says Tyler, tx. We are not claiming whitehouse high school but i do claim him because its the truth. Yall just put that in out mouths. If a student lives from or lived in Tyler and moved to whitehouse, then he is from Tyler. Chapel hill is in fact in Tyler. I have proved that. We aint trying claiming nothing . They are Tyler just like Legacy and JT but have their own school district. Like i said its its outside the city limits. Considered The country. If hallsville not in Longview,tx then they are not Longview. Whoever telling u they are,well take that up with them that list the city as something other than Longview hallsville . Now pine tree & spring hill are in Longview. No one is doubting that. They don't have the talent of player yall have because they choose or made to go to Longview high, whatever the reason is.
  7. Let me update on Spence & Co. Im not gonna leave my brotha hanging,he gave Wade more praise & recognition than the last video i posted. I think Wade belongs @ #1 but ill take it. He got to put his reciever #1 and i don't blame him. He got to go back to work and look them people in the face every day but Jalen Hale is talent,he just needs better that character in that degrading talk that witnessed in that 7 on 7 state tournament video. I didn't like that at all but he is young,he will mature once he start to spend more time around older people as he starts to grow into adulthood. Top 10 Wide Receivers 2022 (Preseason)
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