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  1. Be specific u mean the same goes for whitehouse as of the fact that kids inside the city limits if Tyler go there. These ADVASARIES are trying to make it sound u saying that whitehouse and chapel hill are the exact same. Lol Chapel hill is indeed in Tyler. Whitehouse has its own city limits if facts come into the equation. This aint a attack on you or anything, im just not gonna let these nut jobs decieve people and bring lies up against me. Like i said they are advasary torwards me because im gonna speak the truth,im not gonna let them decieve all this success over Tyler when i know and understand better. They listening to folks like this boy Big Lion whom i might add is probably 15 years along and don't have understanding of nothing.
  2. Ur dummer than an ox. Where is your proof of this. Thats all i need to ask. Not wasting my time commenting on this garbage post. Your just advasary vs me. The school is in Tyler. Im not let a bunch of idiots tell i can't count chapel hill because they are the country. oh my Goodness. U still overrated Longview. Tyler is the talent in east tx. Its proven by the titles here with schools that are called "Tyler". What school in Longview win anything besides Longview high? Nobody because they hog all the talenti n the area there and blind to the truth that thats the reason they win more vs Tyler because Tyler schools have to have down seasons because we don't Hogg players here. Multiple schools win championships. Teams that when they have no problem beating Longview. Longview wins in football vs Tyler teams MOSTLY comes vs down Tyler teams. I said it plenty of times and i will always say it if they continue to be deceptive.
  3. Chapel hill is in tyler. What u mean by your post. Its the country ,yes outside the city limits,it aint between tyler and arp because It is tyler. They are Tyler chapel hill. Its outside the city limits and probably why they have their own school district. Obviously u don't know anything about what ur talking about. "Between Tyler & Arp" WTH!!!!
  4. I know u talking about me. I got to say the same thing 100 times . They don't hear truth and neither do u. Yall gang up on me but your still overmatched.
  5. Chapel hill is in Tyler. Im not letting u take nothing away. They are Tyler chapel hill, just because they have their own school district don't change anything. They are city of Tyler . We have talent all over. If we were able to hog,U would never win hardly with even your hogged players that u struggle vs good teams with and get blewout,like vs Dallas teams foe example. We would probably dominate Texas.
  6. U but hurt again. Chapel hill has 2 and we have private schools also that have won multiple. So stop lying. We far ahead of longview. Catch up? Took u 100 years to get #2, amd.u say catch up? Lmao ok
  7. They were not beating like a drum back then. Plus u sopose to win the most time when you are allowed to hog most the talent in your city vs a team vs a team where the players have where the school district assigned them but good thing we all win state here and have a name. Only longview high has some type of name in longview. The name Tyler,tx speaks for itself
  8. They did just fine sitting in some air conditioning and not out somewhere one & doning. Might as well be comfortable in some air,full stomach,nauding & watching some good tv,instead of going all the way up to college station in this heat to get treated like a sunny side up egg.
  9. And? Still only east tx team that won a state title in 7 on 7. Matter of fact,same school won state in real 11 on 11 same year. Don't say yall beat that team,what are those 2 accomplishments at @ your school in same year?
  10. I thought chapel hill was gonna be #1. Atleast #2. Their #3 and gonna be rough and they play Gilmer first game. If they win that i wonder would that be enough to move them to 2.
  11. No im not cause i feel if JT qb situation is fixed,yall would be no problem. To much firepower and experience but if not , yall will win again. Anything better than the situation we was in last time the two team met would be great. Im glad ur number 1 cause they would do us good in the rankings & notoriety if we get the win.
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