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  1. I thought chapel hill was gonna be #1. Atleast #2. Their #3 and gonna be rough and they play Gilmer first game. If they win that i wonder would that be enough to move them to 2.
  2. No im not cause i feel if JT qb situation is fixed,yall would be no problem. To much firepower and experience but if not , yall will win again. Anything better than the situation we was in last time the two team met would be great. Im glad ur number 1 cause they would do us good in the rankings & notoriety if we get the win.
  3. Lmao stop lying. Look man again Hale is a great player. I wish him the best and hopes he goes to represent east tx. Him and Wade both. The Future looks bright for them, But i have to call u out about those stat comments. No 1000 yards as a freshman or sophomore. Maybe last year. U said it. Im just correcting. I plan to hit up some of yall's games this year on side JT & Legacy. Likely playoff game if not district game.
  4. https://tylerpaper.com/sports/gallery-2-zone-photoshoot-behind-the-scenes/collection_492f0358-e891-5bfa-9dac-98d556a5e373.html#17 In case the Longview fans didn't see photo shoots
  5. Ok there is plenty of kids u can go teach if an English Teacher's role is what u desire until then u gonna accept what this adult give you and i got plenty of time which one do you want to keep up with it?
  6. https://tylerpaper.com/news/local/getting-into-the-zone-schools-gather-to-prepare-for-2022-season/article_f0c1e282-ec49-11ec-a4d0-1be04a744a2e.html Man,I was hoping i see some new unis at least for one team. Maybe after they win again and go deep
  7. Also wade didn't go to any of those camps where all those offers come from because u put your face out. Thats all it it. Its good thing personally to the players that choose to go, but you don't have to. Ur gonna be seen any scouts sooner or later. Hale is a good highschool player but offers also come from being seen and known more than what u have actually done on the field some cases. He's been to some high profile camps as i understand. Alot of kids do that and some It dont matter to them,u just want to play football more than who you play for and you can only play for one team. The schools that get these players in east gonna get some good players but hating on a player for a choosing a school u personally don't respect is rediculious. A ncaa school like the rest u do respect that are top 10 ranked.
  8. No u need to grow up. This crapy post is devaluing wade's potential in favor of your advasary friends in Longview anyway. Who you think longview is over Tyler when it comes to D1 players? Smh , no need to mention my name. U grow up first and when u do I'll look down at you and say good job well done. Finished......
  9. That dude can't help it. He jealous as hell and get mad when u don't think in the direction of his overvalue. We have multiple state titles in football here in city of Tyler.
  10. Awh he go where he chooses. Im sure there other options and plenty more coming. Boston College coming up. some players choose to go play for Deion Sanders. Its NCAA college. That has football teams. Just a damn jealous hater. Shut up
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