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  1. Okay, I was the one vote for Pittsburg and it was by accident. Anna rolls right past Pittsburg with an easy win. Pittsburg's one dimensional offense may score once, BUT no more than that I believe. Pittsburg defense is tough, BUT will not be able to hang with the coyotes.
  2. The way Pittsburg ended the season last year on a winning streak is kind of sad seeing them play the way they are. Understandably they are playing top notch competition but their offense is non-existent. Last year their only blowout losses were to Van, Tatum and Mt. Vernon and they were right there with PG, Gilmer and a heart breaking loss to Ford in the playoffs. New year and some new players, but they have to do something to turn their season around before district play starts.
  3. Gilmer will get their turnovers for sure. Lindale needs to turn the ball over no more than once and capitalize on Gilmers mistakes on offense. Gilmer has a tendency to go three and out quickly at times and Tennison can make some mistakes since he is still learning and becoming a better QB. Lindale needs to capitalize on those opportunities and pound the ball. When throwing a pass, keep it away from Rohan. With that being said, Gilmer wins 42-28.
  4. A lot of smack talking between coaches and communities for this game. What are y'alls predictions?
  5. Why don't y'all put a $1,000 on it and the loser can cash app the winner.
  6. Over or under 70 total points combined? Who thinks this will be a high scoring game or a defensive battle? Both teams come in with an average of around 45 points a game with Gilmer (46.5) slightly higher than CS (45.5).
  7. Game will only be shown live or NFHS. Tickets are $8 if purchased by Thursday or $10 on Friday. Tickets will be sold at the gate.
  8. Bux by 2 scores. Celina is good but I believe Gilmer will be too much in the end. Hope it is a good clean game and safe travels to both teams.
  9. Tickets are all online. None will be sold at the gate.
  10. Haven't seen WOS play this year. How do they compare to the 2014 WOS when they gave Gilmer a run for their money in the state championship game? Are they more dominate on defense or offense?
  11. You have to pay for it now since it is playoff time. I forgot the app but it is like $10 a month for all the games I beleive.
  12. On paper QF looks like a state bound team. Unfortunately for them, Pittsburg will win this game. Pittsburg has been improving each week and them playing a tough pre-district and district schedule will have them ready for QF rushing attack.
  13. If all goes as planned, will Gilmer play Pittsburg or PG in the 4th round?
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