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  1. I know MV is missing an Olineman because he's my cousin... Maybe that was the "defensive player"
  2. You're right... But whose gonna throw them the ball? And whose gonna be able.tonoass block without moving forward?
  3. I'm gonna say this. Timpson has 2 division 1 football players on their roster. (Yes Courtney is more than good enough to play at a division 1) what did we think was gonna happen?
  4. Well... We're from Joaquin which means we're better than everyone else so obviously we're never wrong duh. #NEVAWRONG
  5. Yeah... But idk it's funny lol
  6. Don't matter lol he got dove on haha
  7. 09 was absolutely terrible. We told them what play we where running the whole game. And laughed at them when they couldn't stop it. My my how times have changed.
  8. Let me just reiterate one more time how proud I am that this was a blow out because of the one idiot who yelled at hurt kids to "get off the field" in that 2019 game.
  9. Damn maybe we should have got Groveton "Off the field"
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