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  1. Sounds like TJ was just showing you what a winning program looked like. He was a great man and did many great things for the kids and community of Sealy. Not from there but have some close personal friends and there is a reason the stadium is named after him and his family still lives there.
  2. Not Hardin. Let a stud QB get away.
  3. Heard Grant and Terry preview this topic and was wondering what everyone thought. Who is your best Player? Team? Game? From 2007-2021 4A and 3A Lets hear it!
  4. How many state championships does your school have? In the last 10 years? I will trust Keeling to know what is right to do to get his teams ready. Waskom's schedule obviously prepared them for last year as they went to the semis and lost by 1. While you guys with a D1 recruit couldn't get out of district. Have fun going 1-9 or 2-8 again.
  5. Joke of a staff? Pretty sure Keeling and Co. are one of the most respected in East Texas. And don't lie, your little basketball coach turned football coach didn't want the spanking put on him by Waskom. What lies were spread? That there was a terrible storm and the game couldn't be played. I feel sorry for people in San Augustine if they are all as dense as you.
  6. No we talk #### about SA because their coach canceled an agreed upon game because he was "afraid" his young kids couldn't compete. From what I have heard, Royal called and said they may have had to cancel due to covid. Waskom found a game because they didn't want it to be Thursday and the game get cancelled and not play. Waskom found a game and Royal was like that was smart, no hard feelings. Waskom also scheduled a top rated team in the state, not the sisters of the poor trying to pad their win-loss record.
  7. Take your coward ways and get out of here. Waskom got a better game. Went from scheduling a top 80 school to a top 2 school. Better game and closer. Waskom didn't cancel on a team and try to find a "winnable" game. Waskom doesn't tuck tail from any one.
  8. Looking into the rosters and the Twittersphere it appears Royal has a new head coach with a little better recruiting ability then the previous staff. Comparing last years roster to this years, looks like several upper classmen who were not at Royal last year but played for several surrounding Houston big schools. Will be a tough one for the Wildcats.
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