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  1. When is last time dekalb made playoffs seems like they have had good teams just falls apart in district
  2. What happened to GW wasn’t this like a super class of seniors
  3. Good thing most of the teams in this district aren’t good 3a teams
  4. Heard there’s a chance for a move back into for 4a in one of the next two realignments
  5. How has Atlanta declined so much since joining 3a. They used to be much better last couple years they were in 4a.
  6. Should be one of the better games of the week
  7. Class county football at a new low this year bed team probably an average HS
  8. My Vernon wins by as much as they want. Long season for Pitt
  9. Tough test for Henderson. Think gilmer wins by a couple of TDS.
  10. Why does it even matter it’s 15-18 year old kids. Let them talk some trash
  11. https://www.maxpreps.com/m/high-schools/royal-falcons-(brookshire,tx)/football/videos.htm?videoid=4f20e7ed-b403-44d1-99c8-13069457571a Think this will be a tough test for waskom.
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