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  1. Great input. Just a couple of bad apples that love to dish it but can’t take it. Tons of respect for Waskom. Tons of respect for posters like you. Posters like that though, not so much. I have to walk that aisle and figure 4 them.
  2. Trump consumes every thought they have. Very sad. Biden is ridiculous but my thought process doesn’t revolve around him.
  3. Is that what you call @Nick2011 after you get drunk watching Carthage notch another win? I would hate to see what all you consume watching them win titles.
  4. I’m not saying I like them, but I will say I won’t be surprised if they decide to start slinging it. They stay away from #11 it’ll be gravy. #11 will take it from you.
  5. @Tiger1995 JJ. Not a knock on Arp. Happy to see them back in the playoffs. Hope things are turning around. Get out of Yankee country and help them out. This will be a fantastic game. Honestly don’t have a clue who will win. Great matchup. DeKalb fields a good group of hard nosed country boys. I’d just like to see them get a playoff win. Saying that, it’d do me some good to see Arp get them a well deserved playoff win. Both could gain lots of momentum with a win tonight for their respective programs in the future.
  6. @LSUTIGERS @Wild74 @WildcatScream and others have not been the target of my bombardment. These guys are class acts. They can engage in a good back and forth smack game. They are grown men. Not by age either. Mentally grown. They realize this is a football forum, and for the most part, older men having a good time bs’ing. When the week is over everybody is an American. No hard feelings. Nothing. I guarantee you none of them troll on threads then get mad if someone comes on their thread to do the same. I also can guarantee you none of these guys have threatened violence because of a football forum. Some of their fellow Cats could learn from them. Especially LSU. He is very skilled in smacking. He gets his point across with some good quick witted humor. Great comebacks. His comebacks don’t consist of “go back to your moms basement”. For 2 reasons. 1 is that he knows that’s weak. 2 he knows that areas water table is too high to have a basement.
  7. Great write up about Coach Evans. Had to go look up his backstory. I was curious if he was still coaching. Horrible losing a child. Every parents worst nightmare. There was a quote that read something to tune of he didn’t have any gas in the tank after that tragedy. He loves Tatum. Stepped down because he knew he couldn’t give it his all. I think any parent can relate. Eagle to his core. Looking out for the program as always. I hope he is in a good place mentally.
  8. Pirates will eat their lunch. Slot T is tricky. Thing is Pitts very good defense sees that boring offense everyday in practice. Some play in it. If they can hang with PG and Gilmer, they gonna beat Ford like they stole something.
  9. Bears gonna notch them a playoff win. Williams is a sophomore. If this RB was at a higher profile school, everybody and their mama would know about Winky.
  10. Keeping the ball 8 minutes is fine. You better put some points on the board though. They better get to Troup’s QB and lay some wood. #11 can’t cover from sideline to sideline. He’s great but no kid is that great.
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