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  1. There’s a powerlifting trend? Good. Makes for explosive hips coming off the snap.
  2. Iraq had no ties to al Qaeda. Saddam was not a religious zealot. His government was a secular one. Third in command, Tariq Aziz, was a practicing Christian. Iraq would be a great buffer with Iran right now. Sure one of his sons would be in charge. Bottom line, it was an illegal war.
  3. I’m paraphrasing (strong language) Eddie Murphy: Are there any #### in the audience tonight? Audience: silence Eddie Murphy: Good. Let’s talk about those ***** Audience: burst of laughter He was a little more straight forward than Dave. Lol
  4. He didn’t say one thing that wasn’t true. That does not matter to the alphabet community though. They want to cancel anything/anyone they don’t agree with.
  5. Well he can chat with Don Rumsfeld in the hot box about their war crimes now.
  6. Honestly I can’t tell. The guy on the left looks more feminine. Maybe their both equally feminine. They’ve removed all that toxic masculinity from their relationship.
  7. Do you have anything negative to say about this administration? The left was in an uproar when the last guy asked for two scoops of ice cream, but will not say a peep about this bumbling idiotic administration.
  8. I don’t bet Mr. White Privilege on anything. It’s against my spiritual beliefs. I will not be at this game to collect, if I were to win, anyway.
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