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  1. Any history lessons this week? Tatum is clearly the favorite so the only thing to talk about is those squads from 1861-1865. They would’ve won state, if the war hadn’t broke out.
  2. You are a very intelligent poster. You are good at the game of smack talk, but you know not to jump the gun and overlook opponents. Unlike the guy above you, you know anything can happen on a Friday night. Nobody thought last years game would end the way it did. Hats off to you.
  3. This game is to close to call. Both teams are equally athletic. I give a slight edge to Waskom in the coaching department, but EF’s coach isn’t to far behind. Plus it’s a huge rivalry and all that stuff gets thrown out of the window. Hope it’s injury free. Both teams should make a lot of noise in the playoffs.
  4. Pitt get this win and a playoff spot. Great chance at beating LE too. That would give them the third spot. I think they’ll make noise in the playoffs. 21-14 to PG and especially that 26-13 performance against Gilmer opened some eyes in the coaching world.
  5. ATL this week. Not gonna kick a guy when they’re down. ATL has to much tradition. It’s not good for East Texas football having the Rabbs struggling so much. Hope they find solutions this off-season. Schedule some cupcake games in pre district. Get those guys to feel what it’s like to win. They need a confidence boost. 0-10 cannot be good for the psyche of a young man.
  6. There’s a powerlifting trend? Good. Makes for explosive hips coming off the snap.
  7. Iraq had no ties to al Qaeda. Saddam was not a religious zealot. His government was a secular one. Third in command, Tariq Aziz, was a practicing Christian. Iraq would be a great buffer with Iran right now. Sure one of his sons would be in charge. Bottom line, it was an illegal war.
  8. I’m paraphrasing (strong language) Eddie Murphy: Are there any #### in the audience tonight? Audience: silence Eddie Murphy: Good. Let’s talk about those ***** Audience: burst of laughter He was a little more straight forward than Dave. Lol
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