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  1. Also consider all of the kids that left Waskom due to the coaching change. Definitely think it’s WR/Gunter for the 1 spot with DF in the mix. Not a good top 25.
  2. Which teams are going to stand out next week in college station? Personally I think DField in D3 is going to be tough to beat.
  3. They lost their first game of the day to Chilton though as well correct? Chilton had already qualified that's why they were able to make it to the qualifier game
  4. I heard the Trinity 7 on 7 tournament today skill wise was New Waverly and Marlin then everyone else. EF and Waskom both lost to Harmony in pool play/championship. EF only had to beat Queen City to get out of pool play.
  5. District 11 1. Daingerfield 2. Hughes Springs 3. Waskom 4. EF/QC District 12 1. Newton 2. New Waverly 3. Hemphill 4. Warren
  6. How do we think these 2 districts shape out? Best team out of these 2 will play WR in regional finals. Lot of player/coaching movement in 11.
  7. Stud RB graduate and Stud WR move? Probably not...
  8. How many do yall suit out on Friday nights?
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