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  1. More and more fakes getting exposed every week.
  2. I know they had the slip up against Hemphill, but New Waverly was by far the best team we played in district. If those 2 played again I’d take NW by 2TDs. If they had Newton, Jasper, or WOS numbers they’d be dangerous. They struggled against our fresh bodies and eventually just got worn down. HH doesn’t have the passing game to go very far.
  3. New Waverly has an explosive offense and can score fast, I don't think harmony will be able to slow them down. I think the closest/best game will be HH vs. Waskom that game will be PHYSICAL.
  4. I think we go 3–1 next week, only loss is AS vs. DF
  5. NW came out to play, but our hogs up front took over and we got as much as we wanted.
  6. Could’ve sworn there were people on here saying this was going to be a one score game and that pre-district doesn’t matter.
  7. This is insanity lol. Regardless of 3A-D1.... CC pre-district opponent record 13-24 - Centerville pre-district opponent record is 26-6. Jefferson is 3A-D1 and Mart and Crawford beat Buna, Kville, and Coldspring by 30.
  8. I'd be very surprised if this happens.
  9. I feel like 9, 11, and 12 are very top heavy with their 1 seeds. District 10 has Dekalb, but I do not believe they are on the same level as DF, Newtion, or WR.
  10. Who has the strongest overall district this year?
  11. They finish with harmony and waskom right?
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