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  1. Why do you say that? Looks to me that Center is doing as well as ever. Including "world class" facilities never before seen in Center, TX.
  2. Any idea on Will Henderson? I see that he has some offers but has not committed. Seems strange for a senior to not be committed at this point. After watching that game, I would have thought he would be in high demand.
  3. I meant for "DL". 247 sports has him as the #11 DL and #106 overall.
  4. The best player in the game was definitely Sanders. He is a top 20 ranked player in the nation holding offers to every school in the country. Gilmer won the game. I have conceded that they were the best team. Has Will Henderson received any D1 offers?
  5. Understood. The kid from SA is a freshman class of 2027 with multiple D1 offers. He will be playing for the next 3 years and then he will be heading to play college football.
  6. Used to accentuate the inconsistencies of the previous poster's comments. Particularly them trying to diminish the player because he was held back a grade which is exceedingly common in every school. There are many parents who choose to hold their kids back for many reasons that range from athletic to academic, and sometimes both.
  7. If he turns 19 after Sept 1 he is good. Just a regular kid that got held back a year. Got them everywhere.
  8. Agreed, he will turn 19 after Sept 1 his SR year of football. He is a freshman and will be playing 3 more years. There are thousands of kids that have been held back. Every team in the state has them.
  9. It may actually be family related reasons.
  10. Understood. We agree that he is "Class of 2027" and has multiple "D1 offers". It is not "misleading" to say he is a "freshman", there is no debate. "Class of 2027" is this year's freshman class. The class is not determined by "age". In regard to "trolling", I believe the transcript will reveal that YOU initiated the conversation with me. Is that accurate? Would that indicate you are "trolling me"?
  11. Yes, he is "class of 2027" and a "D1" athlete. He will be on the same field, same as if he was 14 (100% fact). Thousands of kids have been held back during their lives for various reasons. Shelbyville and every school in East Texas has some also.
  12. Yes, I always appreciate some good "facts". He is "class of 2027" and has multiple "D1" offers. He will be playing this year in SA and competing with Garrison for the District Championship. It has been a "rumor" for a while and will be more "factual" this year, will be very similar to when previous run when SA controlled the Region prior to Bussey in Timpson.
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