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  1. Yes, there are teams that run the Flexbone
  2. So, a minority coach would be "unable" to effectively coach "non-minority" players? due to "not understanding where they come from, what their situation is like"?
  3. Yep, most coaches seek the advice of the community when determining what offense to run. Very few run the offense that they feel will work best with the type of kids they have.
  4. From above, It sounds like he will be at DF.
  5. He is part of the "thread police". Need to check in to make sure your replies are in compliance.
  6. Understood, but it is/will impact NC as well.
  7. New school opening, about to dilute the talent pool.
  8. This has definitely been a consideration in the past. In today's world there are many more factors in play. The degree to which coaches are underpaid, AD regime changes, general political climate/agendas in rural school districts. Most districts desire a degree of loyalty but do little to meet the needs of those whom they seek loyalty.
  9. Have any other districts had new students?
  10. "Creating 7A" is based solely upon "enrollment". It does nothing to alter the circumstances for schools in rural counties that have similar "7A enrollment" numbers. The proposal on the table is to separate high enrollment schools in rural counties that do not have access to the same socio-logistical advantages that schools in metropolitan counties have. **it is worthy of note that a potential 7A would likely be comprised primarily of schools in metropolitan counties (similar to current 6A).
  11. I feel fairly certain they will work on other items as well. They usually work on many bills in a session.
  12. I am sure someone will apply but I would be very reluctant to jump in that climate. It would be very difficult to push the players during athletics, knowing what just happened.
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