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  1. Understood, #88 is playing at UH next year. He is one of the best DEs in the state.
  2. Carthage is another good DL that we saw. Let me know how they look.
  3. If PG does not pass, they will play into Aubrey strength. Aubrey DL is among the best we saw this year.
  4. Sounds like it will be a battle of "rushing attacks".
  5. Aubrey "looks like they pass a little more than PG"? Aubrey passes 2-5 times per game. What have you been watching?
  6. Refugio beat Shiner because Refugio is a better team.
  7. Considering that Bussey could "fill a spot on any D1 college in the country". I feel pretty confident he "could fill a spot any 6A in Texas". Why do you suppose he has so many D1 offers? Because he cant start for "Lake Travis" or "Steele"? Your statement is comical.
  8. I have watched Gilmer. It is my understanding that they are currently undefeated and ranked #2 in the State. I have also noticed that always contend for state titles and make deep playoff runs. Probably need to hire some new coaches from programs who have not won as much as the Gilmer coaches and then Gilmer would be better.
  9. Understood, against CS and Carthage many teams are unable to find the correct plays and adjustments. Perhaps the Gilmer fan football knowledge bank could submit a list of recommended adjustments for Gilmer to utilize against CS and Carthage? This would be of great benefit to the Gilmer coaches who have yet grasp this concept.
  10. Understood. You should apply for the job. I wonder why your coaches dont know about "making adjustments dependent on what the defense is doing". That is absolute brilliance on your part. The coaches clearly have a low football IQ. If you had better coaches, Gilmer would be undefeated or "better undefeated".
  11. Yep, The coaches clearly know nothing, being undefeated and ranked #2 in the state and contending for a state title every year. I expect they would be mesmerized by your football insight. Probably never heard such wisdom as "needing someone in the booth that can read defenses".
  12. Understood. Is the qualifier for "quality", playing in the 2nd RND?
  13. Yep, Midlothian is a "quality opponent" similar to Kilgore and Marhsall.
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