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  1. That is what most people do that want to be HFC. You will never get one if you don’t apply.
  2. Understood, but Aledo is in a different universe than Carthage.
  3. "Rumor" from people not being serious. Carthage wants no part of Aledo and Aledo would strive to have competitive games on the schedule.
  4. If Diboll wins it will be because the District is very weak. Diboll should take a step back this year.
  5. I was just talking to a college recruiter the other day and he was asking me when "flag football started so he could get an idea of how kids would look in college". LOL.
  6. LOL, flag football as an indicator of how players will look in college.
  7. Agree 100%. Only benefit is that it keeps kids engaged during the summer and can build confidence for some programs.
  8. Lol, “want”? SFA is not Sam Houston.
  9. If assistant coaches are giving ultimatums, it is time for the assistant coaches to go regardless of whether or not a new HC is hired. No HC wants to deal with undermining from assistants.
  10. That version of District 12 is about as tight geographically as you will find in today’s world.
  11. Timpson is not going to want any part of Newton for the next few years.
  12. Nothing works at Legacy. That is why they are unable to keep coaches. Many different coaches, same results.
  13. Understood. I am equally sorry that you do not "like my quotes" and that you keep replying (arguing). Looking forward to the coach winning at LE doing the same thing and with the same style he did at Legacy to the dismay of Legacy fans. Have a great day.
  14. I "know" that there are posts in this thread running down his offense and his coaching style. Legacy will be Legacy regardless of the offense and it will not matter if the players think the new coach is "fun to play for". His offense and coaching style worked well at MV and also will work well at LE.
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