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  1. "Jerry" should have done a little more homework.
  2. First series controlled with 1s, 2nd series controlled with 2s, the rest was "play out the series". No live qtr or period.
  3. Overall a competitive scrimmage. Definitely nothing to put much stock in other than Center is much better than last year.
  4. There was no live portion. Each team scored 4 TDs.
  5. Dont forget your friends down south on the catfish.
  6. Probably scrimmaged Garrison because on any given year, Garrison can be better/equal to WR. WR has a great chance to win 1 or 2 playoff games again this year. Also, many schools were unable to find a full scrimmage schedule this year. WR may have not had many choices.
  7. Sounds like CC beat the brakes of Buffalo.
  8. More literary excellence from the more genetically isolated region of Texas.
  9. I suspect Keeling left because Tatum was an upgrade from 3AD2 to 3AD1 that included a salary increase with some of the nicest facilities in East Texas. Doubt very seriously if he ever sat around and said: "they just dont appreciate me here, I want to go where I will be appreciated".
  10. I would fully consider CC to be the favorite in the district. The only game on the schedule where I would not consider CC as the "favorite" would be Coldspring.
  11. I suspect CC will be a factor. I expect them to get back in the mix dropping down to 2A. Would not surprise me if they supplanted some of the schools you mentioned, though I believe Timpson is the team to beat until they are knocked off.
  12. You should put a presentation together detailing all the things that the HC is doing wrong and then submit it for him to review. I have always found that the greatest "football minds" are in the stands. Coaches are usually clueless when it comes to football.
  13. Looking through the transcript of this thread, I dont see many who think Tatum can lose.
  14. It will need to be. Looking forward to the shock and crying after this game.
  15. That is something to talk about. Tenaha has been the "big fish in the little pond". Streak will be over this year with new fish joining the pond.
  16. Kind of "one way traffic" with Alto winning the district. Not a whole lot to discuss unless you are interested in the playoff fillers after Alto.
  17. Agreed. I have had similar experience. Not many in the profession have a concept of "management". Most "know football" but tend to drown in inefficiency and "paralysis by analysis". Seen many scenarios where staffs talk in circles for hours only to arrive at the same conclusion that was apparent after the first 10 minutes. I am unable to recall a single win in my career where I could credit "the hours spent on the weekend" for the win.
  18. The great amount of open positions would seem to corroborate your theory. Not sure how a willing coach could be without a position at this point. Looks like several staffs will be incomplete this year.
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