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  1. Jefferson SHOULD ROLL THOSE EAGLES, Those Blue ONE"S.
  2. Gilmer will ROLL on into the PLAYOFFS.
  3. Thats Right CLEAN HOUSE, and JERRY TOO.
  4. Jefferson has some great backs. The Jefferson team that played Tatum is a whole different team. If that team plays ND, you win bye 20. if not, air up the Basketballs. Will that team show up.
  5. Brewer the top back, ha ha. We (Tatum) have backups better than him.
  6. Wonder how long Bigdans BBQ stays open, it would be nice to eat after the game.
  7. That game, if it happens is a long way away.
  8. I heard Big Dave was a big Tatum Eagle Supporter.
  9. The Green Eagles against the red eagles, Them Green Eagles will RULE the ROOST.
  10. Tatum- whatever coach Evans wants-bullard 13
  11. ibleedgreen, thought you bleed smc BLUE
  12. Old Troup, got caught. I rememeber afew years back, Troup turned down a student and the house was empty and forsale and they bought a house at the new school and The company bussiness was within 100 hundred yards, And had been there for 5 years. And Troup sup would not grant it.
  13. Lets go Hunting, And it is Wabbit SEASON. Headed North in a minute. Drive Safe Eagles.
  14. Its Gonna be real close, right up till kickoff. Then its gonna be whater ever Bowman wants the score to be!!!
  15. Yup he is fast seen him in person at Tyler, He can move.
  16. Congrats to MyTATUM EAGLES, lets keep on ROLLING.
  17. Stump 3-0 against Tatum and kinne 1-2 Stump was a beast,
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