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  1. Lets go Hunting, And it is Wabbit SEASON. Headed North in a minute. Drive Safe Eagles.
  2. Its Gonna be real close, right up till kickoff. Then its gonna be whater ever Bowman wants the score to be!!!
  3. Yup he is fast seen him in person at Tyler, He can move.
  4. Congrats to MyTATUM EAGLES, lets keep on ROLLING.
  5. Stump 3-0 against Tatum and kinne 1-2 Stump was a beast,
  6. is the QB on lk team any kind to the QB on one of Jeffersons teams of the past. i remember that name some where.
  7. Gotta go with EF, Gonna pluck the eagles two weeks in a row.
  8. Stinger you gonna make it???
  9. 5,600 on the City Limits Sign. and they are 2-A.
  10. not on the 100 pt system any more.
  11. Eagleborn, them Eagles Looked good Today.
  12. Is Stinger gonna be there signing autographs?
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