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  1. Congrats to the LadyJackets.
  2. I just wish Tatum would have had coach Barrow for the last 5 years, all we can do now is wonder.
  3. What happen to your eagles, redeagle?
  4. we see who has class, there the ones that Bash a kid. thats CLASS.
  5. watch out for what you want friday, reddeagle.
  6. EF, Does. Great game ladies.
  7. Congrats To Lacy Liles , All State BABY. Played the whole court, scored on one end and rebounded on the other, an got steals in the middle. What a great year. 713 pts on the year. 21.9 pts a game 9.6 rebounds a game 4.7 steals a game
  8. Lacy Liles of EF was All State B- Ball Player Congrats to Miss Liles, You are AWESOME.
  9. Middle, i thought your field was on a Hill.
  10. Parker had kriegl for one year an that good Rb.
  11. Patton, Thats Ted Patton. He was a good one.
  12. Congrats to miss Tidwell also.
  13. Cograts to Miss Liles, Miss Hickey and Miss Quintanna.
  14. I saw them too, chico. lol Don't you just love all this attention. when is the next Game?
  15. Congats to Coach Smelly and the Ef ladies jackets.
  16. Does anyone have the schedule for Tatum? Has it been set yet?
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