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  1. Great Job Ladies, Great season. Get ready to come back to Austin and Take the Gold Back To the HIVE.
  2. Hickey from EF shes a junior.
  3. Well i got to talk to the mudbugs owner at The EF Girls softball game, but Thats all i can say about that right now.
  4. Congrats to them LADY JACKETS
  5. hogwash

    EF vs LK

    Them Lady Jackets LOOKED GOOD.
  6. Nope she's just a junior, one more year of miss davis. not sure about colleges.
  7. We will see, if the swine flu will let us PLAY.
  8. Rusk will be in their second year of PATTON FOOTBALL. Nuff said.
  9. In Tatum One day this week i heard your show and the next it was the spanish one, Turn up the Power Smoaky.
  10. Yup, redeagle just keep thinking it was luck. EF will be ready for the next Game. Just a few little mishaps this last game an EF is District Champs but, thats ok we will meet again.
  11. Well its old falconkirk, we knew it wouldn't be long before the falcon made some negative comments.
  12. Hey, txsurveyor. who are you Talking about, kids finding Creative ways to TRANSFER?
  13. only down 1-0 after 4, But down 10-0 at the end.
  14. How Bout Them LADY JACKETS, EF 1 Harmony 0
  15. hogwash

    EF over Nac

    Ef showing life, EF has been showing life in softball for YEARS.
  16. yes Hickey look good also. Stinger maybe they will win a couple if we are lucky.
  17. yup they were really bad, can't catch, hit or run.
  18. hogwash


    Stinger its not where you start, but where you FINISH.
  19. That Liles girl can swing that bat and she has an arm too. what you think about that bunt attempt and liles diving to catch the ball and throws the girl out on her back..
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