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  1. I think this is a thread for any member to post on, i can say anything i want as long as i go by smoaky's rules. and no i don't hate Carthage.
  2. At 3 am i just got home from Dallas myself, Cheering on the Bulldogs. Im sure you blew thru Tatum at 3am, thats great But i think your still sore about the years that Tatum and Carthage was in the same District. 4-a School drops to 3-a. We will rule 3-a, we have a walmart and a loop around our Town. How many state championship did you think carthage would have by now, but you only have one, 7 years later. 3-a is no Cake walk. Yes Carthage did put 62 points on us this year, but did he need to call a timeout to put up 7 more with 6 seconds left before half? Is that Class? Tatum still Leads the series 4-2,, Thats just Kills them dawgs. Just a little old town with one blinking light, that carthage blew thru Sat morning @ 3am.
  3. I can't believe the carthage coach didn't call a time out with 6 seconds left and try to put up 7 more points.
  4. redeagle you must have missed alot of your teams summer leauge play because Tatums shortstop names is Gonzales not sanchez and you right she's a good one. Tatum will be tough this year in softball i think we only lost one starter from last years team. Four rounds deep back to back YEARS.
  5. DoGgonDog im headed to Longview you won't me to bring you a pot of Coffee, HOT COFFEE? When i pass by the stadium.
  6. Was #6 the sandies favorite Reciever, it looked that way. Just back up and heave that thing.
  7. It was used so much the last few years, it had to be rebuilt from ground zero. They say it might take awhile.
  8. just missed out on another limit this morning, think someone found my new hunting spot, (Teague park)
  9. Got me a Mixed Bag this morning.
  10. Tatum jv 18-0 over bullpups jv
  11. Tatum jv 18-0 over chapellhill jv.
  12. Very well said lady panther, congrats on the win. Moore was something special.
  13. Charlie Moore, Thats a PLAYMAKER. Hope he's alright.
  14. Tatum 35 Bullard 13 Gotta go to bullard.
  15. What does old stinger have to say about this one?
  16. Now studd, im not sure about your pick on the Chapellhill game, Gilmer rolls on.
  17. nope, thought you didn't like either team?
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