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  1. Heard three the grape wine it’s down to three! Former coach at Tatum, carthage coachiut to prove he has what it takes an a former Beckville coach! Who will it be??
  2. Two former Tatum Head coaches on the staff!
  3. Yup, my end of town is Panola county!!
  4. Was getting gas at the short stop in Tatum a few min ago!! And this coach was also getting gas too!! I’m not sure if he was just passing thru Tatum or was he headed to the School!! Idk!!
  5. How many days till football season starts?
  6. just look around the parking lot tonight before the Board meeting!!!!
  7. there you have it Redwater-Sabine week 2
  8. Tatum is in Rusk and Panola county!! We Got our Coach!
  9. we have alot those, most have never played a down of football, well maybe on Madden. lo
  10. wish i was in Kansas! will have to have the seeds shipped here this year. LOL
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