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  1. Tatum is in Rusk and Panola county!! We Got our Coach!
  2. we have alot those, most have never played a down of football, well maybe on Madden. lo
  3. wish i was in Kansas! will have to have the seeds shipped here this year. LOL
  4. guess we will find out tommorow!!! Maybe!!!
  5. maybe the coalmine shutting down some of there mines.
  6. welcome to smoaky win1soon! 1st post, wow
  7. Heard,, like i say heard we Turned in 400 ! don't seam right.
  8. i hear ya> the highland park of east Texas. lol
  9. Tatum will be OK. no worries!!
  10. Real Eagles wear GREEN!!
  11. Was he one of the ones that said he would move out of this country if Trump won?? Come to think of it, he's been MIA for a few years!
  12. Justafan!!! Explain your comment!!!
  13. We are Good in Tatum with Coach Carr!! Nuff said!
  14. What time does center play tonight?
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