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  1. I think it will come down to who is in better shape and who plays mistakes free football, With Tatums track record, they were really not in football shape and played good mistake free football, till late in the season, yes they won State, but now they will have this BIG old BULLS EYE on there Back each weak, especially sept the 8 in Gilmer, I know them boys will be in Shape. It will make alot of Teams year if they could slip up and KNOCK off Tatum. So Tatum come to play the Game each week, Like you can and we will play for it all the week before Christmas. GOOD LUCK EAGLES
  2. Hows the players doing are the coaches taken it to easy on them or is he pushing them hard enough or is he Baby and pampering them too much. Tell us whats going on.
  3. Who is the best football player to come out of your school.
  4. Don't Ever overlook the Orange Crush.
  5. Well MR Evans of Tatum won District the first year and a state title his 2nd year, Good Job Coach.
  6. Tatum, Div 1 NUFF SAID.
  7. yes the funeral was in Tatum july the 30, last sunday.
  8. thats not true they had some very good lineman
  9. Hey SMOAKY, what your thoughts about Tatum and Gilmer playing at a bigger site, Like Earl Cambell's House at Tyler. Its the biggest, most talked about match up in east Texas. and play it on Sat, September 9, 2006 @ 8 pm or We could play it at Texas Stadium in Dallas. Nothing against Buckeye stadium but we all know its not big enough for this Game.
  10. Heard he was having some health problems, he was my coach years ago.
  11. What was the score of the game, the last time these teams played?
  12. Hey is Ray Dowdy still coaching mabank, or what happen and where is he.
  13. When, Where and Who From East Texas is playing in the game.
  14. Shankle, Creer, Sturns and Calhoun. WoW Wonder what there Totals will be for all four of them at the end of the year. Thats a stable of STUDS.
  15. QB at Carthage, seen him first hand take a some major hits last year from Tatums defense, that most QB"s would have stayed on the ground, but Not him he keep getting up for more, Looking forward to seeing him this year, He's a big kid thats going to have some big games this year.
  16. I think they have as good as chance as anyone, they are always good.
  17. Wonder how many people that post here, have every reall played on the turf, the new fields Like Longview, Hallsville or Tatum's they have the newest stuff, I think.
  18. Well i hope him the best, maybe he will do his visits on Friday nights in sept & oct, If so, I know of alot of teams that will be very Happy, including Me.
  19. Whats going on in Gilmer, must be Yamm Bamm.
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