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  1. The Word is they have made there Choice!!!!!1
  2. I also heard last night that they have it down to Four.. Can anyone tell us who they are??? When will be the next School board meeting? Or is it all TOP SECRET????
  3. I guess its top secret... been really tight lipped.....
  4. Is there any news to report on the Tatum Job????
  5. LilEagle I would slap him a couple times and then maybe he would hush for at least a min or two!! Lol
  6. With all the coaching turnover at SH, Why didn't Bowman go back home to show he could Coach?
  7. Tatum 69 Henderson 46. way to start off District. Also JV boys and Varsity Girls Won TOO!!!
  8. UIL lol. It takes 1000 people to run the UIL?? seems to me they might need a million to get these things half right!!
  9. Gilmer?? Really and a heck of a recruiter!! Great Coach!!! His Boys Play there Hearts out for Him!! He is the Best at coaching from the Hash marks!!
  10. I just wish they could review the Tatum coldsprings game and do something about the kid punching our QB in the privates more than once. I know he is a teenager. but something should be done. He should not be allowed to play in any UIL event from now on.
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