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  1. the JV plays at the High school field Right???
  2. What Time will the JV play PG? since the don't have a 9th grade team.
  3. Whats his record when he doesn't have a QB name Casey or Johnny??????
  4. Only have to clean up on the one side after the game,
  5. Lil" Eagle if I would have known I could have picked some up for ya. Wasn't much of a game for the JV42-ZIP.
  6. #12 and #50 are Studs. Cant believe that they didn't put the ball in #12 hands more.
  7. Whats the problem with the Helmets? it seems like its every other play that one of our players Helmet came off!!! Whats REALLY Embarrassing is the way there throwed to the GROUND on the SIDELINE!!!!
  8. And That's Game!! Way To Go Tatum!! Great Game To CH Also.
  9. There first question will be to the new coach will be! We have to Beat Tatum one day in Football!! If they will play us again??
  10. Do we have the dates set in stone and the open date? who are we gonna scrimmage?? need to put it on the Vacation board at work..
  11. Lion fan. Sign up your Lions for the Brawl of Rusk County?? If you want some! we are just down the Road.
  12. Hmmm!!!! Now who will we play in preseason???
  13. Is Barry bowman the guy for the job??
  14. Did Overstreet get to play? If so how did he do?
  15. Who will coach the Longhorns next year??? Do we have a shot at Saban??
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