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  1. yes the linebacker did play. and was a force in the paint, but the big man ran out of gas. he wasn't ready for Tatum run an gun. and refuse to shake hands after the game. Mack will work on that, you think??
  2. #1 for them tigers must have had to go to the toilet real bad, he didn't even shake anyones hand.
  3. wow the tyler paper reported it before longviews version of a paper did.
  4. What happen to the coach that Barry replaced??? Why did he leave when he did, with the talent that he had in front of him??
  5. its about that Time. Them Eagles are gonna Roll the yoes.
  6. Gotta go with them tigers, But don't look past them LIONS.
  7. not sure what time i will leave, but gonna leave the Game an head to Kansas.
  8. Gilmer, IS GILMER. THEY WILL ROLL THOSE vandals.
  9. thats jefferson, they show up for some games an not for others.
  10. Good Luck Lions, Make Rusk county PROUD.
  11. where are my Eagle fans gonna go tommorow nite???? I will be working the concession stand, at Eagle Stadium.
  12. Congrats to Coach Ballenger and them BEARCATS.
  13. Jefferson SHOULD ROLL THOSE EAGLES, Those Blue ONE"S.
  14. Gilmer will ROLL on into the PLAYOFFS.
  15. Thats Right CLEAN HOUSE, and JERRY TOO.
  16. Jefferson has some great backs. The Jefferson team that played Tatum is a whole different team. If that team plays ND, you win bye 20. if not, air up the Basketballs. Will that team show up.
  17. Brewer the top back, ha ha. We (Tatum) have backups better than him.
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