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  1. Good looking kid....looks very fast
  2. lol my feelings can't be hurt, it was a question and you can't grasp that....sorry it's a struggle..good luck
  3. I have watched Timpson play several games and watched several films....Hey there is no doubt about Bussey's ability. Nobody is "trying to get you to downplay Braden" you did that on your own, but you called it the "Bussey era" and my comment was "is it the Bussey era or was it the Courtney and oline era" What I thought was a legitimate question considering the caliber of player Courtney was and losing the whole oline....Good luck on the "Bussey era"
  4. You said in the Bussey era...what I said was "is it the Bussey era or the Courtney and Oline era ?" No doubt Beckville lost a stud with Ryan Harris, I didn't say anything about the "Ryan era" ....I just hope both teams stay healthy..See ya the 25th
  5. Well they, the Beacats score more points than the Bears and at the end of the game that makes them the winner..
  6. Has it been the Bussey era or was it the Courtney and offensive line era ???? Not sure the coaches will show their full hand on Aug 25....
  7. It should be a great game, hope both sides stay healthy for the rest of the season
  8. Jkoby and FB/MLB Bo Hammons, both being big time players.....it would have been about like Timpson loosing Bussey and Courtney
  9. Not sure Beckville can hold Timpson to 24 either, but Beckville might not be held under 24 either.....as for horsepower, Beckville I thought had enough last year (shy of 2 key injuries), but that's part of the game....We will see Aug 25 who has what and maybe again in late Nov !!!
  10. might wanna be on the early side....or bring lawn chairs and sit on the hill !!!!
  11. I wonder what size crowd will be at this game....I think there was about 6000-8000 at last years playoff between the 2....Bearcat stadium will bust at the seams with 2000 !!!
  12. Actually, the playoffs aren't determined by the rankings....Shiner and Refugio are in the same district this year
  13. They wouldn't play Shiner or Refugio in the Championship game.....
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