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  1. Lindale squad isn’t sick and Sulphur Springs scrimmage has been on their schedule for this week since the beginning.
  2. I never saw this game on this year’s schedule. Lindale is scrimmaging 2 different opponents this year with Sulphur Springs & Whitehouse.
  3. Chill can stay in denial He must have a short term memory.
  4. The Palestine 2024 group as freshman went undefeated I believe and had high expectations. Lindale played a tough game against them but fell short.
  5. Lindale returns one of the best Olines in the state. Have some skill guys reloading that can make plays behind them. Wouldn’t be surprised to see a couple breakout players in that group. Most of the defense is returning with a lot of experience so should see some improvement on that side. Go Eagles!
  6. Lindale, Chapel Hill, Kilgore All have potential to win district and make deep playoff runs. Probably come down to overall team health, discipline on game night and maybe special teams. Palestine, Henderson Both should be tough and battle for playoff spot. Jacksonville, Athens Potential to beat any team in district weekly but uphill battle for a playoff spot. Zero easy or guaranteed weeks in this district! Can’t wait to watch
  7. Palestine wins this one. I know they had a solid ‘24 class as freshman.
  8. D2 - Celina, China Spring, Kaufman Hopefully Lindale can make a run at it with new QB & all new Receivers. Add that with their Linemen team also qualifying for state would be a good start. D3 - Daingerfield, Gunter & pulling for Garrison to compete
  9. Congrats to the Bulldogs and hope y’all bring home the State Championship!
  10. Enjoyed playing for Irwin in his early years at Garrison
  11. CH, Kilgore, Lindale fighting over Everyone else fighting for 4th playoff spot
  12. Lindale’s defense is young, losing 3 starting Seniors. With several sophomores that moved up and played all year learning against some tough competition. Eagle offense is losing QB & 4 starting WRs. RBs are sophomores. Whole O-line returns I believe. JV had a good season and will be moving up several good players next year. Lindale will be alright and should compete for a DC plus some playoff wins for the next 2 years.
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