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  1. https://secure.payk12.com/school/_/284?fbclid=IwAR3ptSFDRG2fvciLxuyd7ypwxIlhyAQKsQmvP230BTShdApuE0En7kuKlPg_aem_Ab1u7C0dIX3aIXYfuARnvntX-S4AW_4KEJxDUav8cmPu6J-gBcFO-qkP0RLEeYK5QWE&mibextid=Zxz2cZ Tickets are also sold at the gate
  2. Athens probably hangs around awhile in first half, then Lindale pulls away by multiple scores for the Homecoming win.
  3. That’s the difference. No pressure on Henderson. Lindale has to win. We aren’t hoping for 4th place.
  4. Lindale has had multiple issues in the program this year from coaches and players that is hurting the team overall. This game may not be a must win for Henderson, but it IS for Lindale to get things headed in the right direction. Lindale by 10+
  5. I think Kilgore wins but not without a fight. Pine Tree defense is stout and their QB is an athlete.
  6. I would love to see Lindale defense keep this game to 21 or less. Our offense should score enough for a win. And Lindale has to get better on Special Teams - fielding kicks, tackling, and not kicking it directly to anyone that runs sub 4.6
  7. Can both teams lose? Guess not, I’ll go with a tie.
  8. This Palestine group went undefeated their Freshman year. I know there were high expectations set back then for this season.
  9. L v WH was pretty even. Lindale did some good things but has a lot to work on before district starts.
  10. Should be a close game. Lindale will look a little different this year and has a few things to work out before District. Lindale scraps out a win at home to open the season.
  11. I believe Lindale’s tennis team did finish like 3rd in the state last year! Football team has played 41 games in 3 years since joining the district. It’s been a fun district to watch, and I think Lindale will stay in it a few more years.
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