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  1. Weather shouldn’t be a factor, but every turnover & stop matters in this one. Lindale finds a way to advance. Let’s go Eagles
  2. CH homer network. They weren’t quite so confident the previous 2 years.
  3. That was one of the funniest things I’ve watched in awhile!
  4. Lumberton was solid last year and looks to be better this year. On to Rd 3
  5. Chill should handle business and advance to Rd 3 for a big matchup
  6. Kaufman will make it a game for awhile then it’s CS by a few scores
  7. I think this one could go either way. The Kilgore that played Lindale wins. The Kilgore that played CH loses.
  8. Lindale isn’t done yet. Taking care of business this week and on to the rematch in Rd 3.
  9. He had 3 TD passes I believe, in the rain. That’s why we wanted to play in the conditions given. To have experience for playoffs.
  10. Pulling for Palestine, but Lumberton was pretty tough last year and don’t think they lost much to graduation. I would expect them to be as good or better this year. I think it would be an upset if the other 3 didn’t win. But hey, it happens every week to someone. Can’t take any weeks off now but our 4 teams are already used to that.
  11. Lindale will score their points but lower probably due to Vidor running the clock. Lindale’s Defense needs to get a few stops and turnovers. Hopefully the bye week got everyone rested and ready to play. Lindale wins
  12. Congrats to CH To me both teams played a little sloppy last night. Fumbles, interceptions, bad kicks, etc. I sat on Home side (not from Kilgore). The crowd didn’t seem to be in to the game at all. It would be a big 3rd down on defense and I’d look over, maybe 7 people standing up and a few cowbells. Not what I’m used to.
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