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  1. True, I haven't seen anyone other than the MV games. Waskom or Lorena might be better. I have no clue who will win what, but Brock puts up some impressive scoring differentials. Not here to argue for one team talking or not. I think I said MV was talking too. I was on sidelines, I heard and saw more extra action than the refs did and evidently they saw alot. When all of these teams are used to winning all year, and then find themselves losing, it will sure change attitudes and personalities quick. On the flip side, some kids are good winners and some aren't. Definitely not whole team either way.
  2. I'm a not one of the arrogant Mt Vernon fans as some of refer to us as. I have not seen Brock play but see they are blowing everyone out. If Mt Vernon is to go down, Brock will probably be the one that will do it. MV star back has bad injury and about third best defensive man broke leg in 4 wheeler accident over holidays. So, short of talent now isn't good. Brock seems to be stacked. Hope MV can but don't have good feeling. And by the way West talked just as much and they sure continue to hit after the whistle. When teams (MV included) win all year to get this far, the kids tempers can't handle getting beat. We were their age one once.
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