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  1. We shall see Tomorrow! Hope it’s a great game no matter what. Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the big game tomorrow.
  2. All West Rusk backs are fresh. They don’t carry the ball very much. When you got 3 backs and a good passing attack you don’t get to carry very much. DF is in for a surprise!
  3. West Rusk Wins by 14! Qb is going to light DF up. Keep thinking he’s soft!
  4. I like that… I will take Newton. 3rd rounds going to be good games!
  5. West Rusk last score was by a Freshman! That kid is going to be a beast!
  6. Last team that was supposed to test West Rusk got beat 66-18!
  7. Who you got when it comes down to it? Newton or Waskom? I haven’t seen neither one play this year.
  8. The arp game was horrible officiating! Grand Saline Game west rusk was just playing around with them . They are for real!
  9. Don’t sleep on West Rusk. They have more than just a good wide out. They just might spank that A$$!
  10. Harmony probably better than they played. Still think West Rusk hasn’t fired on all cylinders yet. Wr by 21+
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