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  1. If Longview comes out flat like this in the playoffs they will be finished earlier than they are expecting.
  2. Who voted for Hallsville by a blowout? Must be a coach or a player's dad
  3. Pine Tree has a better defense than Hallsville does and Marshall still had 400 yards of offense. Marshall pulls away after halftime for a comfortable win.
  4. This is going to be a great game. I'll take Tatum
  5. Pine Tree with the upset this week. Neither team winning would be a shock.
  6. Texas High by a whole bunch. Mount Pleasant is playing sloppy undisciplined football.
  7. Would Lobo fans be shocked or disappointed if this game only ended up being a 10-14 point win? What margin would be acceptable?
  8. Athens in a close one. Welcome to 4A Jacksonville
  9. Come on Cujo. Do what you said you were going to do this summer.
  10. The same thing that makes you sure Tyler is going to win.
  11. How has the Marshall quarterback thrown for almost 1500 yards in so few games when the passing game seems practically nonexistent? He's only played 7 complete games and none of them seemed to have big passing games. Am I missing something? What grade is the running back? If he had some blocking he would be an allstate candidate.
  12. Moving the East Texas Div II district into region 2 would be huge.
  13. If Allen starts Lobo season ends. If he doesn't they live another week.
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