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  1. The forums on there are garbage... nothing like us civilized, intelligent Smoaky folk
  2. Somebody told me they run something similar to Joe, not sure if it's true or not though
  3. I just hope the victory Thursday sold the school board on Coach Wallace. Maybe the HFC revolving door will stay shut for at least a little while.
  4. Getting Lister and Davis back helped a ton. I don't see very many kids in this region catching Lister when he gets in open space.
  5. Is there anywhere I can watch/listen to this game? Got a family member playing for Cushing and I wasn't able to make it.
  6. Athens High School is the venue. 7:00, Friday. The Dragons are coming off an upset over the Carlisle Indians, with the Hornets coming off a big win over Leon. I'm not going to pretend I know anything about Holland, but I do know that the Dragons (with the return of a few key playmakers just in time for playoffs) are looking pretty sharp right now. Who ya got?
  7. Seeing as though Sville hasn't gone as the 4th place seed in any of these consecutive playoff appearances... I would say that that argument isn't really valid.
  8. Sville gets it done to get rid of the 1st round curse! On a different note, this is the most consecutive playoff appearances in school history.
  9. Beckville seems to always be a dark horse in this region.. don't get much attention throughout the year, then next thing you know they're playing in the region final. However, I seem to remember a game a year or so back where everyone on here said there was no way Joe could beat a very tough and successful Alto team.. then Joe gave us all one of the best AA football games I've seen. So, I'm going with our district mates.
  10. Was pretty bad luck, he had over 1,000 yards in 5 games with 70% completion
  11. Standley is a great athlete, the Freshman Barnes (who was starting until he broke his collar bone) is going to really be something special I think.
  12. He is coaching there.. assistant baseball, assistant football
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