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  1. What happened to their QB from last year? I thought he was going to be pretty good this year.
  2. I saw PG put a picture of a sophomore who didn’t play varsity last year in Dave Campbell Magazine. Who puts pictures of sophomores in the magazine unless you are trying to keep them from moving back to LE or THigh.
  3. The historic section is incredible. Expanding it out geographically would be awesome.
  4. This is sad for high school football. The first guy from Houston broke the dam now the flood is coming. I do understand why they are doing this but don’t agree with it. SLC chances at state just went down. I would love to see them or the Houston school win it all without those guys.
  5. Saying your offense is going to be deadly and you lost your whole line is kinda like saying I’m gonna win a track meet even though I am slow.
  6. You can be good at baseball and football
  7. I would have Rusk, Jasper or Center at 10 but I know they have to have representation from all geographic areas that sells magazines.
  8. Good people can show to the game in person and support the kids.
  9. Or try and play football, constantly getting his knees cut for 4 years suffer through several knee surgeries and not do anything.
  10. I went and watched vs Gilmer my nephew plays for Gilmer. He caught a couple of passes but didn’t score ,he got hurt during the game. I know PG didn’t score vs Gilmer they did put him at RB on 4th and 1 on goal line and Gilmer stuffed him. He was really all they had in their 8th grade.
  11. I saw NL just hired a new head football coach. Where did their previous head coach go?
  12. There are some hungry kids with a chip on their shoulder wanting to prove themselves in high school this year. I bet those guys will have a better college career.
  13. I just saw the top RB in Texas for this upcoming season is opting out of his senior season. This not a joke. What are thoughts on this? He is going to UT, will he take it easy in college to avoid injury?
  14. If the AD can’t hire all coaches they should find another place to be at because they are at a bad place.
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