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  1. If the AD can’t hire all coaches they should find another place to be at because they are at a bad place.
  2. Bonham seems like a place that could build a proud football town it is very similar to Gilmer or Mineola. Both of those have built winners.
  3. I remember some great games back then Gilmer vs Carthage, Henderson, and Kilgore
  4. I don’t think Carthage will score 49 on Gilmer unless Gilmer gives them several. I think the gap between the two will not be as broad as some of y’all think. Keep boasting pride comes before the fall.
  5. Looks like Carthage will have 3 weeks to prepare for Gilmer
  6. Give Hagerty about 2 more years and Marshall will be putting up some awesome relay times.
  7. I have eaten BBQ in Lockhart and I wouldn’t blame them. I would weigh 500 lbs if I lived there.
  8. The largest 32 schools in Texas should be 7a
  9. Preston would be a great fit at Kilgore or Henderson. You Carthage folks know and are real worried how good he would do at either of those schools.
  10. I think they would make great games. The stadium’s would be packed and players would play their butts off. MP vs Pitt would be a good game.
  11. Yall need to hire that Assistant Superintendent to coach football and he can put them Carthage Bulldogs in their place.
  12. Sounds like they need to have a school board re-election down there.
  13. They didn’t even have a freshman team that’s a bold prediction to win state in 3 yes. Gilmer, PG and definitely Carthage will have something to say about that. Abron will have taken the SS job by then.
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