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  1. A real game would have been close first quarter but ended up being about 56 to 14
  2. Gilmer @ Gwater will be a good one.
  3. Gilmer should have about 115 to 120 out from what I have heard.
  4. LK is playing Cumby? Man they have fallen far from the 90’s.
  5. In Gilmer he is fired. SH, Gwater and Pittsburg he keeps his job.
  6. Did the RB and QB for Daingerfield graduate? The little RB could go.
  7. Carthage will be good this year, but their offense might not be given excellent field possession all season like they were last year. They also might have to score more than 7 or 8 points to win games.
  8. If MP can’t beat Pittsburg by 2 TDs it’s gonna be a long year in 5a for them.
  9. If a coach loves kids there is no way he is a crappy coach. If you love on kids you will win a lot of games. Even if you don’t win a lot of games the thing of utmost importance these days is that kids feel loved. Loving kids ought to be priority number 1. The reason we are at a shortage of coaches is not enough people want to love kids. We are in the me generation not the love God, love others generation.
  10. I bet you wouldn’t work for 50000 a year.
  11. The two main problems are 1. You have to be100 percent called to be a teacher in order to make it today. There aren’t enough people called to the profession. 2. The higher ups in education take the ones who are called for granted.
  12. Folks in Gilmer will be glad to have him back.
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