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  1. Still crazy that Gilmer wins district and gets Carthage. PG looses and gets Aubrey
  2. Sounds like the same arrogance from Carthage fans as this time last year. I guess y’all forgot what happened a year ago when y’all spewed arrogance or ignorance.
  3. Gilmer won its 10th game of the season last night to get to 10-0. This is the 18th time in the past 20 years Gilmer has won 10 or more games. If Gilmer beats Gainesville this week it will mark the 18th time in 20 years Gilmer has at least made it to the 3rd round or better. 05 Gilmer got knocked out in round 2 and 06 in the first round.
  4. How bout PG will they bounce back vs Pittsburg or will Putt have their number too?
  5. Especially since they have 1500 kids in their school.
  6. Wow u pull up 3 or 4 freshman and now you don’t have enough for a freshman team. Did they only have 17 or 18 freshman to start with. Sounds odd a place like PG can’t or doesn’t want to field a freshman team.
  7. PGs spread ain’t a spread it’s just their Coach trying to keep Johnson happy enough so he doesn’t move back to LE.
  8. Do we have to submit the poor kids in Brownsboro to this cruel and unusual punishment.
  9. Well thanks Lindale for not trying and letting Gilmer win.
  10. Gilmer Buckeyes are district champs after beating CH, Kilgore, and Lindale.
  11. It’s called graduating some really good players especially good linemen.
  12. Gilmer should have opted up for 4a D1 can you do that?
  13. This game should be a toss up I don’t see either team winning by much. Ought to be a short game.
  14. I don’t understand why all Carthage QB’s always look so good, but never go play college football. What is the guy from 2 years ago doing now?
  15. If MP struggled with Pitt it’s gonna be a long season playing 5a football
  16. Gilmer starting oline across the front 133, 145, 142, 156 & our big guy at 165 lbs
  17. A real game would have been close first quarter but ended up being about 56 to 14
  18. Gilmer @ Gwater will be a good one.
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