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  1. When was the last time EF was not a playoff team?
  2. Is the community going to make the commitment to having a success football program even if it steps on the toes of the basketball or baseball program? You have to be all in. You can’t have a school of specialists and be a good small school football program.
  3. When White Oak has been the biggest school they have more success, but when they are not they have been a .500 program. 2008/2009 record (17-5) White Oak Sabine Harleton Harmony Winona EF Union Grove New Diana 2010/2011 (record 10-11) New Diana Sabine Harmony Tatum Jefferson White Oak 2012/2013 record (22-5) Mineola Harmony Tatum White Oak Sabine Troup 2014/2015 record (17-7) Mineola Sabine Harmony Quitman Jefferson White Oak 2016/2017 record ( 17-6) Hughes Springs Redwater Sabine Jefferson New Boston White Oak 2018/2019 record (4-16) West Rusk Gladewater Tatum Winnsboro Mineola Sabine White Oak 2020/2021 record (10-8) White Oak Sabine Gladewater Tatum Atlanta Jefferson New Boston
  4. Since the 80s White Oak is a .500 football program. They had a little uptick from 2008-2017, but as soon as they got back to their more traditional opponents they are magically right back where they were.
  5. Replace Hughes Springs, Redwater, New Boston, Harmony, and Quitman with Gladewater, Tatum, and Atlanta and life becomes a little different for you. White Oak was one of the biggest 3AD1 schools in the area from 2013-2017. Now they are the one of the smaller schools in their own district.
  6. Tell me you don't know who you are talking about without telling me you don't know who you are talking about. Also I am pretty sure that Union Grove had the best stretch of success in boy sports in the history of their school with Gray as the sup. They broke decade long playoff droughts in football, basketball , and baseball. You White Oak guys just need to wake up and realize that you are the least talented team in your district this year, and that happens.
  7. I don't know how Beckville has kept some of those kids from moving to Carthage, but kudos to them.
  8. I'm saying when playing the Flexbone, Wing-T, Slot-T, and etc. it is a common defensive adjustment to have the DL cut the OL to keep the linebackers free.
  9. It is a pretty common thing to cut the offensive linemen in offenses like that.
  10. I don't know much about these teams. Does Honey Grove really have a shot in this?
  11. Let's see if Frankston can be the first team to score more than 7 on Beckville in district play.
  12. Well they did blank them like 30-0 in baseball game.
  13. Don't need him in this game. No point to rush him back.
  14. I mean Hawkins lost to Quinlan Boles. Beckville is the only good team in this district.
  15. That is true. I don't expect that outcome though. Frankston in the #2 team IMO.
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