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  1. Man Nelson can’t beat Hughes Springs!! Edwards had Nelson number! I still can’t get over the fact that HS beat daingerfield 24-0
  2. I tried to tell them that but they said they’ll pass
  3. MLK was not Assassinated!!!! He survived being shot!! The dr killed him
  4. That’s my guy right there!! Y’all can’t have our principal but he worked with the guy I’m trying to get Tatum to interview
  5. One of those Morris county coaches should look into going to Tatum!!!! Just saying
  6. Let’s say Daingerfield pulls off this upset! Will you finally give them their props? I’m talking about the athletes not the coach!!!
  7. The soccer coach knows how to win and make adjustments while the other coach/marine just on the weekend don’t know how to coach is simply what that person was trying to say
  8. Every time they got in 3rd and long they ran #7 to the outside!! The whole world knew what was coming and Nelson still couldn’t stop it !!!!!!!!!!!
  9. They have to wrap up and not look for the big hit. There is nothing wrong with holding it man up til help comes.
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