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  1. That’s what everyone wants but there’s a constructive & effective way to go about expressing that.
  2. Why are you constantly angry and going after others? I mean constantly! I’ve seen you do it on other threads for other schools! If being an advocate for the greater good of a community and taking a stand against the derogatory remarks made about their performance and professional abilities makes me a coward, I will gladly hold that title. Thank you!
  3. If you can give me a legitimate and valid reason that it is necessary for you to know who I am, I will gladly tell you!! But, I’m quite sure you just want to know who I am so that you can personally attack, criticize, and bash me just like you have done to our coaches all season.
  4. It’s pretty simple, if you don’t want people to attack you personally, quit attacking them personally. You dish it out so be able to take it. Thank you for serving our country and being a positive impact, if only you would do the same for your Jacksonville community.
  5. Lol Gilmer fans know a good coach when they see one!
  6. @Jets you are an absolute embarrassment to the town of Jacksonville and that is putting it kindly. You are the opposite of a fan. You are a miserable hyper-critic that seeks out the downfall of other people/programs so you can insert your idiotic, one-dimensional, and baseless opinions into the conversation… all so that you can feel better about your own personal failures in life (ironically including jville football) that have made you such a cowardly internet troll. You continue to call the FACTS that are presented to you “excuses”. You wouldn’t know the difference between a FACT and an EXCUSE for the hardships of Jacksonvilles football season if it smacked you in your bitter face. Why? 1. Because as much as you cannot stand it, you are an outsider to this program. You have no clue what goes on or has gone on internally so you use the easy EXCUSE that it’s coaching issues. 2. Because you lack the knowledge of what a winning program requires and entails and all the ever changing variables at hand. Rather than keeping your mouth shut on topics you cannot comprehend, you fixate on the only solution your brain can process. What kind of grown “man” sits behind his computer screen and consistently BASHES the job that other grown men are doing??? I can tell you who doesn’t do that and that’s all of the coaches you publicly condemn. They are too busy working way too much for way too little so they can make a positive impact. But even if they had the time, I can assure you it is not in any of their characters to belittle the job of another man. Last but definitely not least, I have know the Canady families for 30+ years and you are the FIRST person that has ever expressed a negative opinion of them, the job they bust their back ends off to do, or the coaching ability they possess. That right there speaks volumes to your ability to make sound judgements (or lack of) and makes it very clear your statements hold ZERO credibility. And we all know the city of Jacksonville would agree. To say that the Canady name is only legendary in one’s head is almost laughable because of how delusional that statement is. You know damn well how much that last name and those men have done for Jacksonville. Anyone with the best interest of the community has nothing but RESPECT for them. This most recent stint has had the help of Wayne Coleman, Randall Canady, and Kenny Canady. If all 3 were unable to transform Jacksonville into a winning football program it is abundantly clear there is a deeper rooted issue/issues at play. They all had EXTENSIVE proven success prior to coming to Jacksonville where they brought with them the same coaching skills that were successful in multiple other programs. Once again proving that coaching abilities and approaches are not the issue here! But by all means, let’s continue the pattern of increasing the turnover of coaches in Jacksonville and only implementing the EXACT SAME “solution” time after time because that really seems to be working…?Insanity. You have done an excellent job at making the Jacksonville Indian fans look diabolical all season long and beyond.
  7. I can see this being an outsiders initial reaction but if you look into the actual problems at hand and factors working against Jacksonville football, dropping down to 4a isn’t going to change any of that. Not even close. Not to mention there is just as much talent in 4a. & quite frankly, if someone wasn’t interested in the job when Jacksonville was 5a but they are now interested in it because they will be 4a, that’s not the candidate you want or Jacksonville needs. Jacksonville needs someone that’s interested in turning a program around, involving the community and fixing the demographic challenges and that should be the reason they are attracted the job.
  8. Could be good to get a fresh set of eyes in there that hasn’t been in the ETX area.
  9. 100% agree. He just has a personal vendetta from almost 30 years ago.
  10. Anti Coleman AND Anti Canady ?? God bless the poor soul that takes this job next.
  11. Don’t get your hopes up on this one unfortunately
  12. You are a prime example of one of the many factors working against the success of Jacksonville Football. You have repeatedly made it abundantly clear you only see one problem with Jacksonville's Football Program. The idea of making a program change when things don't seem to be working, is 100% logical. But to blame one person for the entirety of issues within the team, program, and community is unfair and misinformed. Blame is an easy alternative to understanding. For someone that claims to be a Jacksonville fan, you are doing the football program a huge disservice each time you get on here and point the finger at ONE person, over and over again. "Coach Coleman" didn't have a 1-9 season. The Jacksonville Indians had a 1-9 season. The athletes. The players. The fans. The community. The school district. Everyone contributed to this season, not just one person. You are a horrible example for the players or fellow fans because all you do is play the blame game, further enabling a culture that doesn't take accountability. If you want a decent coach to come to Jacksonville and turn the program around, I highly suggest you stop publicly scrutinizing the former head coach. It's a pretty bad look for the program and community "support" or "fans". Coach Coleman has impacted my family more than we will ever be able to express. We will forever be grateful for his dedication to the Jacksonville Football Program. The mere fact that he invested 7 years of his life into our program when we all know he had a spot waiting on him at the next level, deserves much respect from all. Perhaps you could learn a few character traits from him.
  13. Unfortunately for jville that’s not going to happen like we thought
  14. You have no idea about 75% of the crap that occurred this season behind the scenes but please continue to broadcast your “facts” and try to seem like you have a clue. Man, you literally just hop from thread to thread getting into it with people over the internet. Yikes dude time for some self reflection
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