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  1. Congrats on a great year CH. tough ending but I would trade with you. Rather go 16 than 12 all day.
  2. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. In HS football LINE PLAY is everything. If your line sucks, you can’t win a championship. Period. Ask Silsbee.
  3. I been here the whole time. We choked and lost in 2nd round. No other way to put it. I don’t believe IC was better than us. Well, they were that night. We didn’t get it done. Period.
  4. Yes, and that may have been it. Maybe CH coming out and giving to Kilgore made them say “Dang, we woke em up”. Who knows. High school kids are weird now.
  5. Exactly. Who cares? Just go get the trophy TCH. It’s all that matters. They can never take it away from you (side note: unless you’re Dallas Carter).
  6. And I’m glad you mentioned that long touchdown pass in 2nd half brought back by the hold. Pay attention to #5 trying to run down the CH receiver. He looks as though he gave up around the 20 and just decided I can’t catch him. Uninspired. Not the effort they had earlier in season. Almost like they’re just tired of playing football. It happens these are kids. TCH wanted it WAY more. Hats off to them. I think the regular season loss helped TCH and hurt Kilgore. You have to commend TCH for battling through all this. Most folks, me included, thought they may lose round 1 or 2. They found something and have once again gotten hot at the right time.
  7. I agree 100% with that sentiment. The losses helped wake up TCH. NO DOUBT. Plus, if you think about it. No one is going to be mad if you hoist that trophy as 14-2 state champs or 15-1 state champs. If you learned from the losses and got better, then that’s all you can ask of these kids.
  8. I’d respectfully disagree. 100% not trying to take away from TCH’s win and they’re getting to semis. We’re sitting at home in off season because we choked. But I saw a disinterested and lackluster kilgore team last night. No energy and not dawgs. Which is mind blowing to me. IT’S the state quarterfinals! Plus, after watching a few times now, I think the best team in the state right now, is who I believe you’ll play for state. Anna. They’re peaking at the right time. I think we’ll find out at state. I see ya’ll beating SAD by 21. Good luck to the blue dawgs. Hope ya’ll thank the good Lord for Brisbone and Stewart every day. Oh, and I’d say your new MVP is #0. That kid is balling out right now. Playing inspires football.
  9. Unreal choke by Carthage. But, they’re young and the farther you go the more intense the pressure gets. I look for them to win state next year and the next. Congratulations to Gilmer! Wow! After the start to their season, who envisioned this?! NO ONE.
  10. A colossal choke by Kilgore. They played uninspired football and TCH took advantage and advances to yet another state semis. Congrats to the blue dawgs on 3 years of state semis in a row. That’s insanely good consistency.
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