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  1. No kidding! Wow. This night and day from the 1st 4 games! Pretty awesome.
  2. We’ll find out tonight if our defensive changes are a trend. Hopefully, we’ve figured some things out. Good luck tonight to ya’ll.
  3. Lindale is in DCTF 10 most likely to move up list. But that’s if numbers don’t move up by UIL if I’m not mistaken.
  4. They beat us bad and hung almost 80 on us!
  5. Lindale = Jordan Jenkins ....... the rest aren't relevant when compared.
  6. Yeah, this run by the DoD has been pretty insane. We own R3. That’s for sure and indisputable.
  7. We’ve got a starting LB that won’t be. Wont be back until Kilgore at the earliest. Maybe CHill.
  8. We were for that game. 100% no doubt. Hendo definitely helped fire us up and give us a shot of energy with their pre-game antics. Boy did THAT backfire! I am eager to see if we can do it again Friday night on the defensive side. The other question that has to be answered is - then what does that say about our district? We go 1-3 in non-district, then absolutely blowout Henderson to start district play. Is the DoD down this year? Has this team turned a corner? I think they have. I think they're starting to believe. And that's dangerous when a team believes and gets confident. Look out for the Eagles. They can compete!
  9. I sure thought PT was gonna give them a better game than this!
  10. I think he's talking about the Athens game. I think he's saying Lindale by 8 against Athens.
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