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  1. I’m just hoping for a clean game and I think it will be close. The one game i missed was Kilgore this year and it sounds like we shot ourselves in the foot early before trying to comeback. Last week we started poorly. First 3 drives resulted in TO’s and we found ourselves down 21-7. Can’t do that against a great team like Kilgore or this ends in round 3. Just how I see it.
  2. DAANNNG, where’d all these CHill fans come from we ain’t heard from in regular season?
  3. Coach X!!! You’re my boy blue! LoL !! My unfunny boy……. Good shows guys.
  4. If I’m not mistaken, there are only 3 districts in Texas with at least 3 teams still in it. 9-4A BEAST Texas is one of them. BEAST Texas just different ya’ll. The only one with all 4 is 21-6A with Northshore, Atascocita, Summer Creek and CE King all still in it. That’s flat amazing. The SEC of Texas high school football. Wow
  5. If I may say, we didn't struggle all that much to score against ya'll. Yes, by the time we got the 4th quarter your defense was gassed, no doubt because it was 2 plays score, 4 plays score, 1 play score for your offense. We simply could not keep up. That's just a fact. And, I believe you had 2 kick returns for TD's, (maybe 3?) where your defense never even had to get off the bench, so that helps even it out. We are more of a sustained drives type team, kind of the opposite of ya'll where it's so dynamic and fast, one cut and it could be 80 yards to the house. I would say a better mark of your defense and how it has improved is the Kilgore game. That was one of the things that stood out to me watching that game, and I've said this since the Kilgore game, is if Chill is now gonna have a defense that can hold dynamic offenses like Kilgore's under 25 points, then look out, because they're going to get their points. It's just a fact. That's what I think folks are overlooking with ya'll, if your defense can control a good offense, then your chances of winning go WAY up.
  6. I say the same thing. I always find it hard to believe coaches in the playoffs have time to check what knuckleheads like us are saying on a chat board.
  7. Have to admit…… I’m stunned tepper will be there. Figured he’d be busy sucking up too SOC every chance he gets like usual.
  8. Agree, I know we have To replace 4/5 o-lineman next year but return almost all skill position players. Once we get the kinks worked out in the line, we should be very very explosive. Unfortunately, defense seems to always be our question mark. In the last 3 years we’ve avg. giving up 29 (2020), 33 (2021) and now 30 (2022) per game
  9. Has it been having trouble today? Half the time today it wouldn’t let me in and said there was a technical error and did it from multiple devices,
  10. Is it stadium seating, or bleachers? Never been before. Thanks
  11. this us how I see it too. Anna takes another close one.
  12. PG is beginning to peak at the right time, they're getting dangerous. PG by 21+
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