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  1. Ahahahahah sensitive CHill fans LoL. 3 ace whippins in 2 years! LoL
  2. I disagree. Having chats with El Campo fans that think they’re winning state is tremendous entertainment.
  3. You said what you said because your feelings are still hurt after 3 whippins in 2 years. I’m pretty sure we held ya’ll too like 40 points in 3 games. It’s Ok. Season will play out. Maybe you’ll beat us by 40. I’ll own it if you beat us. Will you?
  4. News flash, the entire state of texas already knows how special those kids are. You are coming off like a creepy high school jock hanger/stalker. The point is, you’re the only 1 predicting lindale misses the playoffs and it’s obvious why after we’ve spanked ya’ll 3 times in 2 years and you’re still upset about it. I think what you’re picking up on is the obvious lack of respect for a program that was in the title game 2 years ago and has held you to I think a total of about 30 points in 3 games. It’s obvious you’re still upset & since you’re an 11 year old you’re gonna say we won’t make the playoffs. It’s OK bud. We’ll see how the season goes. Another news flash, we all know CHill is favored to win district and most are picking them go play in the title game. I am one of them. Even though they have a lot of work to do on defense with only 4 starters back, I think it will be just too much firepower. I can totally see them averaging between 50-60 points a game. Wildcard will be the defense. But no doubt they will be one of the best teams in the state if they stay healthy and play smart turnover free football. We may lose to them by 40 or more, who knows, it’s high school kids and we know CHill will be hyped to play us…. And we can’t wait either. Ain’t nobody scared.
  5. I’ve now re-installed and received a catastrophic error 3 times.
  6. Seems to have gone live with games, districts, classifications etc etc. does anyone’s app keep crashing and giving them a catastrophic message that you have to delete the app and reinstall?
  7. Paris typically is a slow starter. I’m thinking Celina gets the W but this could be an excellent game. I think Paris has a fair shot to win their district but that’s if they don’t make a ton of mistakes during season. Will help tremendously to have Argyle and Melissa gone.
  8. I think it may be the one they’re leaving alone. Perky closes 25 & welsh 27. But I could be wrong on that.
  9. That dude thinks CHill would win 6-A state & Lindale will go 0-10 LoL
  10. Let’s be honest here, the R2 & R3 champs are HEAVILY favored to meet for the title.
  11. Lindale had about 100 people in stands this morning for intra-squad….. WTH? Why? Helicopter parents …. SMH
  12. In listening to the 3A/4A podcast they mention teams in the top 25 or 35. Is this a published ranking or are they just alluding to their internal ranking of every team in the classifications?
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