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  1. Shocked DCTF let that happen. CONGRATS to Mr. Bussey a BEAST Texas kid!!
  2. Sat with the North Shore fans last year at state game. Literally some of the nicest and most humble fans I’ve met. No bragging. No boasting. No mouthing and talking about how awesome this player is and ridiculous claims etc etc. Just nice and cheering for their guys and all are welcome. A great fan base.
  3. No. Covering the helmet until you can’t see what’s in there is retarded.
  4. Total respect for this answer. This is what a man does. Owns it. #Respect
  5. An absolutely SHOCKING game. I’m speechless. I would have never guessed the #wefasttoo’s could lay an egg. Just never saw this coming.
  6. It’s about individuality. Standing out from the rest. You don’t want to blend in, you want to be noticed. That’s what it’s about.
  7. With all due respect, you must not watch much HS football if he’s the best you’ve seen in a while. Wasn’t that impressed with him.
  8. Carthage offense really bogged down once M Hatten went out with the ankle injury. Finally busted open in 4th to seal the game. PG offense never really got on track. They went a long time without a 1st down and when they finally started to move the ball their fans went crazy. I think it was 24-7 Carthage at half, then in 3rd PG kinda made some noise but never really felt like they had a chance. Carthage was just dominant. Never seen GR, wonder if they can give Carthage a game?
  9. I don’t get why people put down the DoD. Jelly I guess. If I’m not mistaken, we were 1 of only 4 districts in the entire state to have 3 or more teams left by round 3. SMH
  10. Watched brock beat Whitesboro and they're underwhelming but they keep at it and got the job done. Kinda looked off but they got the W. I have a feeling they're one of those teams that just doesn't quit but also doesn't terribly impress much. They are very very battle tested as they played the hardest non-district schedule in state 3A.
  11. Was talking about the notorious CHILL06. I’m good, we had a good season.
  12. Was talking about CHILL06 who is a clown and you know he is.
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