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  1. Absolutely. Gilmer was absolutely kryptonite to our offense. They have the DB’s to stack 8 or 9 in the box and go single coverage or run 1 high safety. I’d don’t care how good your offensive line is, 5 guys can’t block 8 or 9. And we still were never out of the game. Just didn’t execute and Gilmer did.
  2. Could we maybe see the dreaded 3-way tie for 1st this year? Feels like that kind of year so far. Top 3 beat up on each other. Time will tell. We have to take care of business in Athens first.
  3. Wait, before you go to SI’s office, the coaches talked at mid-field. It may have been preemptive as emotions on the Hendo side we’re running high & so many PF penalties has happened it may have been a good decision where cooler heads prevailed. And I may have somehow missed the handshake line ad I was checking scores. If I did, my apologies for bringing this up.
  4. It’s hard to watch. Big o-line, good RB’s, Speed on the field. I’m being completely honest when I say this - I feel like I could take a collection of knowledgeable dads that played high schooL ball and were positive and encouraging and hyped for these kids and pick up a couple win’s somehow just based on the talent level there. Those penalties, that’s a result of lack of discipline and poor coaching. Lackadaisical coaching. That’s all correctable stuff. You wanna be a clown who gets multiple personal fouls? Go sit in the stands and watch us play. Truthfully, lindale did not play very well in 1st half, very lackadaisical in 1st half. Hendo gave it to us with dumb penalties and as soon as we went up 13-0 you could see the frustration come out. It was downhill from there. We played much better in 2nd half and our TD before half really killed their momentum. We got ball to start 2nd and when we went up 28-3 the rout was on. Just sad. They’re an east Texas traditional power.
  5. This was 10 If I’m not mistaken. 10 losses in a row.
  6. We ran for 400+ against WH in a scrimmage. They cannot stop the run.
  7. It was rough. I’m absolutely certain they had at least 150 yards in penalties, if not 200. Multiple PF’s and at least 8-10 false starts. I think one player got ejected too for multiple PF’s. It was pretty bad.
  8. What in the world is going on with Hendo? I’ve never seen so many false start penalties. And no handshake after the game? Players just walked off field. Team seems in disarray. Too much talent for that.
  9. Lindale seems disinterested & kinda sloppy. Have to turn it up and finish in 2nd half.
  10. Boy was I wrong about Lorena and Yoe. Kudos to Yoe. Taking it to Lorena.
  11. See, i think Lorena gonna beat them by by 24-31 points. Don’t send this as being much of a game.
  12. JT is another school that is a head scratcher. Everything is alway s there. Speed, athleticism, size, strength etc etc. but they underperform every year lately….. SMH - why?
  13. Sounds like how last year almost went down. We hung on …. Barely.
  14. https://www.kbtx.com/2022/09/22/teen-killed-rollover-crash-grimes-county/ RIP, tragic
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