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  1. Well last night started off with a bang (played Rusk) and my understanding errors took over. No excuses errors are part of the game, and one can hurt you, but multiple ones can get you beat roughly. Our current losses are to Quitman, Lindale, Pollock Central, and Rusk all being 3A and up. We did have a huge win over Willis Point last weekend which at the time was ranked #3 in 4A but then feel to #11. The girls will get better, and I think only have 2 or 3 Srs on the team that I'm aware. I'm looking forward just how far they can take this year. Goooooooooooooooo Ladyjackets!!!
  2. Them Ladyjackets are tough this year! It's been awhile since they made a trip to Austin! One game at a time thou!!!
  3. As an Alto fan, it still disappoints me for these kids. The guys went out every week and played their hearts out with total pride for their school and community. Were 13 points from being 10-0 instead of 7-3. Actually could've won each of these games. The school district numbers in Feb when realignment came out were below the cut-offs. Their numbers remained under that cut-off even when the new school year started. Last I heard those numbers were still under the cut-off. We will bounce back, and when we do teams better expect a challenge from them Yellowjackets!!!!!
  4. Pulling for my mom's High School in her memory. Miss you mom! Gooooooooooooooooooooooo Mustangs!!!!!
  5. Man, I sure have missed those playoff games. Wonder what we would have done?
  6. Being an Alto alumni, I only got one more thing to say about this matter. I'm so very proud of the coaches and the effort these great kids put forth knowing they were only had 10 games to play this year. Extremely proud of each and every one of them. I was in attendance last Thursday night, and it was a "WOW" of a game that was worth the price of admission. It's ALWAYS a good day to be a JACKET!!!! To my understanding, when these allegations were brought to the attention of the UIL in May, Alto was already under the D2 cut-off, and started the 2022-2023 school under the cut-off number as well. I believed at end of football season Alto had an enrollment of 158 kids in grades 9th-12th. So, folks it still hurts bc in fact when the allegations did come out Alto was in fact a D2 school, and remain a D2 school. Onto to basketball we go, and we are looking to make a push for those playoffs in round ball...GO JACKETS GO!!
  7. I think these Wortham fans should be a little worried. Heck they ain't (sorry for usage) done anything since the days Leonard Davis was on the team. Think that team played at Student Field if mind is still thinking logically. Maybe they got a little something over that way, that I wasn't looking at beginning of the season. Promise you thou, they don't want them Carlisle Indians!!!
  8. I know I'm gonna have some massive tears and actually wiped away tears from my eyes just a few minutes ago.
  9. I have found the UIL is very inconsistent in their punishments. This being about football and not subject at hand basketball. Example: Richland Springs a traditional power in what used to be known as 6 man (now 1A) coach was suspended for 3 years, but the Richland Springs football teams continues to march their way through the playoffs and possibly a State Championship run. In my eyes recruiting is an intentional act to be successful and win at all means.
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