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  1. Amen, thanks, and don't even get me started!!! Me either StingEm! Almost two years later, I'm just as mad as I was on that August day when it saw it posted on Smoaky about the meeting! That took to dad gum long to come out, and then meeting put off till August as two a days started.
  2. I think it was said somewhere around the first or second week of February.
  3. They'll be fine no doubt about that. However, you might see another team with trip to Semis from Region 3. Good Luck Coach!
  4. I was thinking Timpson returned most from last years team including Bussey. Am I right?
  5. If these hold true and all teams that I have seen predicted in Region 3 it should be tough thru the playoffs. Think Region 4 Shiner has to be the favorite and I don't think even Falls City or other contenders can keep them from being in Semi-finals next two years!
  6. I brought up Hico and Carlisle in my post. I don't see my post, but I was on fire when I posted. I don't remember just what I said. Still fuming at that cut off number!! Could have stopped at 179 or 180! Shameful!! Just my opinion thou!
  7. I'm seeing the Enrollment Number Submissions but no cut off numbers as of yet.
  8. What are y'all seeing on UIL website that I'm not seeing? Because I'm not seeing anything posted.
  9. What did Crockett turn in? I've gone thru the list a few times and maybe I'm just missing seeing a number. Thanks!
  10. I think it'll definitely be a bigger crowd Friday night at SFA instead of Thursday in Longview. Honestly rain or no rain wasn't the problem for me, as I've been known to sit out in the rain and cold for other teams if my Yellowjackets weren't playing. However, I work Sunday thru Friday, and anywhere from 7:00 am to sometimes just up to 6:00 pm. I don't like being late, but I might have to be just a little all depends on what time I can actually hit that time clock.
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