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  1. Thank you! And how bout them Cowboys?! Lol 2-1 and Super Bowl bound! Too soon to get excited on them Cowboys, and been a fan since I was at least 3 years old! LOL
  2. I'm out of the area was hoping the radio link would work...nope Can someone do play by play or something? Thanks!
  4. Looks like the Dave Campbell's poll to me. Thought it might look a little different. I can guarantee you that team ranked #20 if they played my team ten times they would be fortunate to win 1 time. It's only my opinion, but honestly don't see how you can put their program against the program I support!
  5. Alto fans will show whether its a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday game! Just doesn't matter. Most of the time, home or away they outnumber the opposition in attendance even at scrimmages. Folks, these Alto fans show up! They will be there to support the guys wearing The Black & Gold! WE READY!!!
  6. I'm a little surprised at these as well!! I was expecting to see both Carlisle and Alto in the Top 10 if not the 15. I think it will be a very competitive district with Tenaha, Carlisle, and Alto....Wishing everyone a safe summer, and I hope these young men are working out, bc this Summer has been rough and it's only two days old. #Altogether #SWARM
  7. I'd just be happy to some rankings....That would tide me over until August!
  8. Leaving baserunners on can keep a very good team from advancing. We left I believe at least 12 in our game against Timpson, and it literally almost cost us in advancing. Not taking anything from the Timpson Bears, they almost got that W to advance. When we played them in March beat them 15-0, so believe I almost stroked when we only won 8-7 in second round. Good season Garrison! Wish someone could knock these Region 4 teams off.
  9. Does that Diboll pitcher have ties to Alto? For some reason, he looks like a Heredia!
  10. Shiner excels at everything. They just good at everything! Including academics!
  11. I don't subscribe but been one to always look forward to purchasing it every year.. I love reading the information, and look forward to seeing it again this year! Thanks!
  12. Wished it would've been us, but wasn't meant to be.... That's life!
  13. To possible Dave Campbell rankings? It is almost June!
  14. Should be a real good series with y'all and Centerville.
  15. This hits hard! I'm still in shock from this news. When you're from a small community and a close knit community like Alto, it really hits hard. I had trouble going to sleep last night because didn't know which young man we had lost. Prayers, prayers, and many prayers for his family, friends, and the community. So so enjoyed watching him play football with all his brothers. He was dynamite on that football field, and played hard all four quarters. Hadn't seen him play basketball, but that was definitely the plan when I got that a chance to make a game. He had to be something to see on that court as well, and only wished I'd made one game now. Sting'Em, please let your son know I'm also praying for him.. God Bless y'all!
  16. I look for Alto to do great things too the next two years!!! That to be Sr/Jr class have some true talent. Only lost 7 seniors from this last years team, but do know they'll have to work out hard in offseason bc the district or region they will be put in will be no easy task.
  17. I also had a copy of that video along with one a Celina fan sent me back awhile that i met on another forum. Unfortunately they been stored away after moves and I'm sure neither of them work along with State softball championship games. That Refugio game almost got me, but it showed just how tough Alto was that year. All year leading up to that game, Alto had never trailed at halftime. Very very intense moment 4th down play for the Bobcats. Score tied (7-7) Penetrations tied, first downs tied, total yards almost equal. One offsides by Alto would have given the Bobcats a trip to State Championship. Man I can see it as I type this. 39 seconds on the clock. Our defense led by Gamble broke through the line at snap of the ball put pressure on the QB he lofted a pass over Gamble to a play that had burned us earlier. Charles Morgan jumped in front of the receiver, and returned it all the way untouched and no flags for winning TOUCHDOWN!! The Alto side erupted, and I couldn't even stand up to holler because my legs were jello and I was shaking so bad. StingEMALTO, you've probably know who i am now if you didn't earlier. I so would like a copy of this so i can watch on computer from time to time. As for as two teams, Celina & Alto both didn't quite get back to title game the next year despite both returning lots of players and Alto/Celina starting season and ending regular season as #1 & #2 respectively. Italy took Celina out in second round and unfortunately Groveton took out Alto 14-13 at SFA in same round. Both teams saw their possible rematch spoiled. You win some, and you lose some. These were really really good Alto years!!!!!
  18. At one time Central Heights considered it, but I've heard no more of about it.
  19. You need to find a way to upload that video. Even if you got to break it down in two halves. I remember getting my Dave Campbell's TFM next summer, and reading the article from Mr. David Barron how he was traveling home for Christmas and had trouble keeping his car on the road bc all the lead changes. I've even tried finding it you tube, but been unable to find it.
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