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  1. Alto only returned two starters on offense and maybe one or two more on the defense. Only had four or five seniors. Our team is extremely young and our JV didn't get any playing time last year, and apparently they haven't see any or much action this year either. All we can do is just keep fighting and playing for the love of the game, and push forward to next year! As their numbers, we'll all know shortly. I'm still supporting these coaches and these great kids! It's been a rough year for everybody, but we are not quitters and we will be back! This I can guarantee you!! Goooooooooooooooooooooo JACKETS!!
  2. This definitely hasn't been the typical Alto year, but I know these coaches and kids are giving it every thing they have every week!! They will continue to do that because we "DTS" in Alto. This is a growing year and these returning young men plus what's coming up will bring ALTO back to where we are known and respected. I'll stand with my JACKETS thru the good and bad times just like I stand with the COWBOYS! Win, lose, or tie......I'M A JACKET TILL I DIE!!!!!!
  3. Wise words but dang the winning is a lot more fun! Lol StingEmAlto, I like the wins more too!! Lol
  4. Some interesting information here everyone. We only a bulls eye or month away now!
  5. "way to early for this" I agree with this and I'm not from either town. Alot of things can happen before this game. Injuries and grades come to mind. Good Luck to both teams thou, and I hope both teams are full strength and put on a battle till the END!
  6. "Schneid"............guess I'll google it. LOL LOL. I found myself also using google to see exactly what it meant. I was thinking that but hadn't heard that said before. I guess I need to catch up with some of the slang words or phrases that are current.
  7. Not this time, or probably the next time .... was told last night we were at 226 .... but will go up to around 235-240 in a couple of years Sting, guess that means we won't be in Garrison's district next two years!
  8. After watching it again....I did spot the other one. I guess the youngest kinda stood out to me immediately not only his red hair but how tiny he was then. Wow! It only seems like yesterday... Then again I think we've been out some 30 plus years now! That only seems like yesterday too!!!
  9. I don't understand this situation. I know of other local schools whose numbers are low but they have numbers. I think it depends on the community support and your head coach. Take for Overton for example a small division 2 school but they had 40 plus kids from 9th-12th! I don't see small school doing away with football unless they let it die out! Good Luck to all them small town schools who are just giving it every thing they have on Friday nights because "THEY LOVE THE GAME!!!!"
  10. I think the Cooper Bulldogs little too much for the Collinsville Pirates in football. Had it been baseball might have to ride with the Pirates!
  11. I'm a Yellowjacket myself (black & gold one), but somethings telling me that Beckville will be a little too much for them orange & black Yellowjackets!
  12. I think Centerville will win this one also! Go Tigers Go!
  13. Hey Sting, I can spot your little guy (not so little any more). Time just goes by so quickly!
  14. I saw one of the officials go over to the band director. I didn't think we were all that loud either. I thought SA band was louder than ours!
  15. I don't have cable so I found game on the radio, and was watching updates on my phone. However, the phone was like some 45 seconds behind the radio. I saw one Twitter saying these exact words..."Last time Cowboys won the Super Bowl the Cowboys started out playing Giants in first week and beat them 35-0!" Could this be "our year?"
  16. 8th grade Alto 42 - SA 6 7th grade Alto 12 - SA 0 Could this be the next 2006 & 2007 teams?
  17. "Alto is one of the youngest teams around" That's why a lot of teams are probably hoping we do move up to Division 1 in October. I dislike for Keegan that he's missed out on an opportunity to shine bc he's been unable to prove himself as a playoff QB when indeed he's been an excellent leader on and off the field!
  18. Steve Lofton was SOMETHING ELSE!!! Not many people could run with Steve in those days! I remember telling him I'd be his biggest supporter when he made to the NFL. Unless he got picked by someone else beside the Cowboys and he was more importantly playing "my Cowboys!!!"
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