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  1. West Hardin Newton Diboll Jasper Jefferson Hempstead Deweyville Acadiana Christian Garrison Timpson Groveton Lovelady Shelbyville Kipp Generations Hemphill Coldspring Madisonville Oakwood Malakoff Frankston White Oak Rice Consoladated Carlisle Lufkin Whitehouse Waskom SILSBEE
  2. 2 teams got a shot at Timpson with no Terry Bussey and we all know how Beckville and Jefferson fared. Daingerfield got a very limited Bussey. And now he is full strength so everybody else has to deal with him. Good Luck!
  3. This guy needs to slow down with the Crack pipe.
  4. It won't be this year and probably not next. I agree Garrison has improved. But so far this year all they have played are mediocre teams. Don't believe me check out their first 4 opponents.
  5. Going with the Tigers on this one. Daingerfield is full of speed and top notch athletes on both sides of the ball.
  6. Overton Cushing Chester Huntington Woodville Franklin Mart Coldspring Evadale Garrison Groveton Harleton Lovelady San Augustine Timpson Trinity Diboll Kirbyville Newton Oakwood Kemp Harleton Elkhart Rice Consolidated Longview Chapel Hill
  7. It's a shame one team had to lose. Great display of talent and speed from both teams. Ain't an ounce of quit in either team. Both left it all on the field. A classic game. Much respect to the Tigers.
  8. What a game. Was like a heavyweight fight. Good luck the rest of the way to the Tigers. Yall have one heck of a team.
  9. Nothing else to talk about. It's time to play ball.
  10. So sorry to hear this. Praying for this young man and everyone involved. Also praying for the coaching staff, players and the community of Daingerfield.
  11. Colemesniel Deweyville Chester Garrison Woodville Apple Springs Kirbyville Kountze Bermond Groveton Tenaha Lovelady San Augustine Shelbyville Timpson Hemphill Franklin Tarkington Palestine Oakwood Kemp White Oak Hearne Columbus Waskom
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