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  1. Not to bad for a sub par offensive and defensive line as some have suggested. Bears played a great game against a great team. Go Bears
  2. Not to bad for a sub par offensive and defensive line. Bears on a roll now. Outstanding game. Go Bears
  3. Funny how everyone is a Timpson Bear expert. I have supported the Bears before most of you were born. I have been there through all the losing seasons and the winning seasons. And yes Therwanger changed the culture here. Not just football but all sports. So you haters can trash Timpson all you want. The Bears speak for themselves on the field.
  4. One thing about this game you can believe Timpson will bring it. Just as Centerville will. These are the best kind of games. Win or lose both will learn and get better. Go Bears
  5. Thats why they have to play the games my friend.
  6. That doesn't even sound like you CC09 you know it's about match ups. I think CC wins this game. Already said it earlier on here.
  7. In my opinion I believe CC will win this game in a close one. They will find a way to win.I think that loss to Centerville has them going.
  8. Beckville has had the Rams number the last 3 meetings.Could be different this time. This game goes either way in my opinion. One thing for sure we will find out next week.
  9. Frankston has improved and has had a great season.
  10. Bears to much for the Indians. Timpson moves on.
  11. Congratulations CC great game go knock off cooper.
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