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  1. You'll got the easy part down talking about how your going to do it. Now all you got to do is Actually do it. So far Beckville hasn't even been competitive against Timpson.
  2. I look at it like this. Beckville lost Ryan, Timpson lost Braden. Lamar University in Beaumont got both of them. Lamar gained 2 stud players with a lot of talent and a lot of heart. I have seen them both play and they both left it all on the field. Both warriors. I gained a lot of respect for Ryan in last years game at SFA he did everything in his power to try and win that game by himself. Braden in my opinion was the best running back to ever play at Timpson and that is saying a lot because Timpson has had some really good ones over the years. Good luck to Beckville and Timpson and may the Best team win.
  3. Let me clarify my comment. Everyone thinks it's Terry Bussey and Vosky Howard but there are at least 4 more that can change a game in a couple of plays.
  4. Absolutely had a running clock the whole game.
  5. People are going to be very surprised at the amount of explosive players Timpson has.
  6. Jj Garner and Dakovian Tutt and Amore Bruton are very explosive and dangerous also.
  7. Everybody in the district knocked them around like a ping pong ball. But they kept getting up and played hard the whole game never quitting. Gotta respect that.
  8. When Timpson went down there and played them in 2020 those were the nicest most friendly people you would ever run across.
  9. The moral of this story: Make sure you turn in the right numbers.
  10. I can guarantee there are not many secrets in a small town especially when it comes to the school. Everyone in Alto knew the administration had problems.
  11. At the end of the day it all falls on the Superintendent. That is the person responsible for the district. After listening to the UIL meeting with Alto it sounded to me like everyone in Alto knew they had administrative problems. And nobody tried to fix them until it was too late. Very sad the students suffer because the administration couldn't get along.
  12. Even breaking in a new line Beckville doesn't win this game. As far as Beckvilles new Quarterback I am sure he is a good player but he is on a new team and has never faced Timpson. I don't think a one score difference will happen in this game. But I do respect your opinion and agree it will be a hard fought game and a treat for spectators. The last 4 games between Beckville and Timpson haven't even been close except for the first half of last year's game at SFA. To be the Man you have to beat the Man. When Beckville actually beats Timpson I will be the first one to congratulate Beckvilles team and fans. Good luck Beckville on the new season coming up and I hope all the players stay healthy. I am sure Beckville and Timpson will meet again in the playoffs.
  13. First let me say Beckville has a really good team. They beat the socks off of everyone until they play Timpson. They have a really good running back in Jkoby Williams. The last 2 games Beckville has played Timpson he hasn't been able to finish the game due to injury. Honestly I just don't see Beckville beating Timpson. Timpson has 5 or 6 players that can score at any time from anywhere on the field. Timpson has a young team this year loaded with Juniors, Sophmores and Freshman. I think they only have 3 or 4 Seniors. The Queston for the Bears is the line. If their line gels together and steps up , look out they will be unstoppable. But we will find out in about a month. My prediction Timpson 35 Beckville 21
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