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  1. I really thought this would be a close game, but I guess Brock wanted to make a statement
  2. Could be. I have several favorite teams across the state (high school and college). I just think Stephenville is overrated.
  3. Regaleagle, I wish you and your Argyle Eagles the best today! I know if the Eagles show up with their mind on the game for 4 quarters, they will come out the winners without a doubt. The Eagles will pull away in the 2nd half. Argyle is the better team.
  4. I'm not for sure who will win. Both teams are very competitive and able of winning. Which ever team wins this game will win state.
  5. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Be safe if you are traveling for the holiday.
  6. Argyle has plenty of talent and coaching skills to win this game. Eagle defense needs to keep pressure on Lambert which they are capable of doing.
  7. Denton Ryan will be hard to beat, and I think they will win. But....I hope I'm wrong. I'll be pulling for the Lobos.
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