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  1. Thank you but this was it in football. Baseball he'll be on your TobinFrost but it's basketball time now my son is a Sophomore and is all about basketball and baseball. I pray your nephew is ok because with him y'all are tough. I'm glad we didn't lay down and made it a game. God bless y'all and good luck the rest of the way
  2. You're nephew is a beast and y'all are a really good football team. Much respect to y'all but we got out coached tonight
  3. Nick this one is hard. Seeing my little brother so upset hurt me. Even though my son will be a JR next year and pretty much my little brother Ty will be too. We had the team this year. If we would've ran down their throats like I said we win by 21
  4. Yes they will one is my little brother but I have another little brother and a son coming back and a lot of kids that are like son's to me.
  5. Losing 1 on offense and 4 on defense and #7 doesn't run scared I promise. Hell when the refs miss all the calls it's hard to beat both.
  6. Our fastest kid is a sophomore and scored the first TD but our coaches didn't use him on offense and I've wondered why all year
  7. Daingerfield had a great game plan. Good coaching for them but the refs were TobinFrost juice and that's being nice. Tigerblue09 guess we broke even on our bet. Y'all won but nephew got shut down. Good luck to y'all the rest of the way. Have to say Longview is the worst place to play. The cops were sorry and everything about that place was.
  8. Happy Thanksgiving and good luck to both teams tonight. If anyone gets hungry Tiger stew will be served in Longview around 9 tonight. GO RAIDERS
  9. Hey bro when the game we'll check on y'all because we'll be on your TobinFrost all night long
  10. We messing him up right off the bat and oh that's your nephew I guess he better have 4 rushing TD's and we all know y'all ain't running on us
  11. The game on the visitor side. If you know anyone from West Rusk they'll let you know who I am. If not I'm the white man in the black Carhartt talking poop
  12. Dude our OL are going to eat Tigers for dinner Thursday night. Like I said when the thread started we'll run right down y'all's throat and y'all won't be able to do poop about it. Our size, strength, and speed will mess y'all up.
  13. Don't be surprised when we ### y'all up and y'all go back to Daingerfield crying and saying damn them Raiders are for real
  14. The fastest from West Rusk lives with my dad and I promise he would smoke everyone from Daingerfield besides maybe the one with the different color hair who was 3rd leg on the 4X200 relay last year
  15. Elysian-Fields is nowhere near the same level as West Rusk. You'll find out tomorrow night
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