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  1. Daingerfield not shutting down Waskom run game . West rusk figured they could get to Daingerfield edge the second half. Waskom will stay on the edges all night .
  2. Lol ask anybody in the state if they know About Daingerfield or Franklin when you actually win the state games people know you.. 6 championships in 9 appearances don’t lie .
  3. Naw not my first time I have 3 state rings so I’m familiar with it. I just always remember the winning team
  4. Only teams I remember is the team that win state , not just go.. I’ve never heard of Franklin winning state .. so they ain’t on Canadian, Gunter, Waskom and Newton level sorry
  5. I’m definitely not being funny? I was being serious.. I never heard of Franklin , but I see they’re rank 1. So I figured they must been a powerhouse for years
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