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  1. Daingerfield not shutting down Waskom run game . West rusk figured they could get to Daingerfield edge the second half. Waskom will stay on the edges all night .
  2. Lol ask anybody in the state if they know About Daingerfield or Franklin when you actually win the state games people know you.. 6 championships in 9 appearances don’t lie .
  3. Naw not my first time I have 3 state rings so I’m familiar with it. I just always remember the winning team
  4. Only teams I remember is the team that win state , not just go.. I’ve never heard of Franklin winning state .. so they ain’t on Canadian, Gunter, Waskom and Newton level sorry
  5. I’m definitely not being funny? I was being serious.. I never heard of Franklin , but I see they’re rank 1. So I figured they must been a powerhouse for years
  6. We was misaligned on defense a few times last night. That’s how WR was getting the edge so easily . We had no force on the edge than played cover 0 the whole game.. that leaves a soft edge to run on.. I wish we would played a little more zone last night
  7. Lol not by WR . Not very physical at all. And never known for being physical either . Daingerfield kids are used to winning . They won’t be scared one bit
  8. I see the rain is leaving early in the morning ! Ready for some thanksgiving football!!!
  9. I definitely agree, speed isn’t everything . I’m just confused when WR fans talks about how fast they are. I’m not seeing it
  10. I don’t understand this speed WR keep saying they have. I have watch so much film and they’re athletic. But speed definitely doesn’t pop out on the tape like it does for Daingerfield.. 44 is very impressive tho for sure
  11. He’s a Sophomore. He’s deadly . Has a offer from Texas, Baylor, Tcu, UTSA, and Oklahoma State . With many more to come
  12. Well hate you missed the 2009 daingerfield team. That team had 8 FBS D1 players and 4 FCS d1 players .. 2nd best team to come through Daingerfield behind 1983 ofc
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