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  1. How you can't say Newton hasn't gotten better? They scored 58 in round 1, 65 in round 2 and beat a good Daingerfield team that beat Harmony by 3 td's. If Newton had Harmony route here it would have been ugly for the other teams. If Harmony had Newton route they would be out of the playoffs. But Congrats to Harmony making it this far
  2. This Harmony team doesn’t have the athletes or talent that ARP had that year. ARP only had 3 losses . Lost by 10 to Tatum, 7 to EF and by 1 to Boiling (who went to state) all good programs
  3. I’ve seen newton and I’ve seen harmony 2-3 times. This game won’t be close . Harmony had an easy route to get this far . But will lose by 40 Friday .. Way to slow
  4. “So Timpson can beat DeKalb too” I can tell you never played sports. It’s all about matchups
  5. That was Dk 2nd game of the season. Don’t even run that offense anymore
  6. Watch Friday and see . Dk has 3 in that caliber. One is a freshman . If Dk had winky it would be 4 in that caliber
  7. Center running back ran all over them.. a bunch of falling and diving at ankles
  8. Nb wont stand a chance a team that just loves to run the ball won’t beat newton .. you have to beat them by spacing them out and hitting shots down the field because they will play man to man the whole game. That’s the only shot u have. U won’t beat them running
  9. Edgewood put up 34 with the starting qb. The back up scored the last 6. The starter threw all 4 ints DK caught. So ur story is off. Dfield have gave up 65 points and 54 points . Embarrassing .
  10. Tell the tigers offense to stay warm on the sideline cause their defense will be on the field the whole game
  11. We know we aren’t as might as the Hooks Hornets
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