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  1. The first stringer #7 has about 1.,100 yards and 11 TD’s and was the best RB in the district. He made some big plays for West Rusk tonight
  2. Ok, but here’s the thing I can back that false statement up with stats. Against Sabine who beat Tatum. West Rusk RB #7 had 15 carries and ran for 183 and the other RB #1 had 17 carries and 167 yards rushing. Against Sabine who got 2nd in their 3A D1 district and they also beat Tatum.
  3. Waiting for a Dfield guy to say 5 or 6 players will 100% play D1 one day. Carthage the most active D1 players from around this area I believe, but IDK for sure. I think the number of active ones they have on college football roster is probably 7
  4. What are #3 stats on the year? Because I know for a fact he doesn’t average 200 a game.
  5. Yeah #7 is about 6’0 190 with great vision really strong kid. Pretty shifty as well.
  6. How bis is #3 from Dfield? #7 isn’t average. 1,031 yards rushing and 100 yards receiving isn’t too shabby when you only get 11 carries a game due to West Rusk’s good passing game.
  7. Nope. You’re wrong. West Rusk’s Dline isn’t just “slightly” better. One kid has multiple D1 offere and is 6’4 245 the other kid is about 6’1 220 and is up for the Whataburger Super Team which is kids chosen from 1A through 6A. So they are more than slightly better. West Rusk is also better at the RB position.
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