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  1. I’ve told you guys who will be hired and also who will be around another year! I know a person who knows a person in the know. This guy wouldn’t do me wrong we are kinfolk.
  2. He is a good coach. He is wanted by many schools but I’m not sure they can give him what Waskom is offering . Word on school ave is that he is getting a 4 seater on a 12” lift with 22,s spinning. And a new set of clubs. He is there for the long haul.
  3. Sharp is the new AD but Ford is going to stay till end of the next football season . It’s a win win for all involved.
  4. True or False ? Are you guys considering on bringing Scott back for 1 season? Just the word on the street. I don’t see this happening but it could work to get the right guy hired and in place.
  5. Your trying to take my job from me. I’m the one that gives out info like this.
  6. I’m just telling you what momma said! Lol
  7. Great hire! Mav’s will be back in the hunt soon
  8. Sorry Nickie, we have turf it’s always green in Waskom
  9. I know of the QB going but I wouldn’t count your chicken yet on the other going ! Hearing that it’s not set in stone. Grass may not be so green later down the road.
  10. Was/EF will be a 4a D2 within 2 yrs mark it on the calendar
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