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  1. Don’t throw the towel in to early Wild! Big things happening soon.
  2. I’m hiring truck drivers today! Can anyone drive a truck?
  3. Who all is left from the Keeling crew? If any.
  4. GP22 I can get behind that!!! Good hire if this is true.
  5. I heard that we are going to interview a guy out of New Orleans! He has a championship and 15 winning seasons. I hope we can land him.
  6. Heard they are talking to 1 from metroplex area and also possibly a local that has some college ties.
  7. I’ve heard the same thing. I may have to dust of my coaching shorts and put my name in the hat! Wonder what pay would look like?
  8. Waskom will be fine. We will have to reboot but it can be done. Keeling and crew have shown these boys how to win and I think they will. Thanks for all the great memories while you guys were here. Congratulations to Tatum on a great set of coaches that they pick up. Let’s go Wildcats
  9. Why would he have left for less money? He was already being paid more in Waskom
  10. It’s the flu people! No need to close schools. You guys must be Dems.
  11. Proud of my Waskom Wildcats. Good job guys, Franklin can go ahead and punch that ticket for state.
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