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  1. I think that’s the million dollar question all should be asking! “Kids are clearly going elsewhere”…………Why?!……..that’s the point of any of my discussions. If we arent “as talented” because of kids going elsewhere then we all must find out why. Anyone that’s been a fan the last 5 -10 years has seen discipline rapidly declining, politics played, kids leaving , the end result the first ever 0-10 season. This should be alarming to anyone in our district or on this message board. I’m hopeful Morton is the man and will support him 100% however the old days must be left behind and a line drawn in the sand. If done so with a little patience from all of us the ingredients are here and within a few years could be ripe for the picking. Time for change!
  2. Sorry I wasn’t clear. I’m speaking to the overall development culture and discipline in offseason and football. I want the best for the kiddos and coaches but watching the program over last 5 years spiral is disheartening. Something must give.
  3. 3-18 sucks which is the last 2 seasons record with the worst discipline in the state. Carry on.
  4. Do your job or lose it is that wrong? The ones that know…know. And most do
  5. Lol. You must be one of them. Or are clueless and listening to the false narrative.
  6. Coaches must be looked at from a business standpoint first and foremost. They know going in full well what the consequences are. If you want to talk about his son what about the 100s of others kids that have not had the same opportunities because of politics created when he was in charge. I’m sick of hearing sob stories. Do your dang job or you lose it just that the real world is.
  7. I’m not sure the particulars of his contract. What I am sure of is the terrible discipline and culture he created for a decade. I don’t care if you have to get a loan from the bank you don’t keep a cancer around you eliminate it immediately. You dang sure don’t let him anywhere near new AD hires or much less a search committee. That’s absurd.
  8. Have no clue He shouldn’t even be employed by the district. Instead of firing him they created a position for him and up his pay I hear. I don’t care who it is if they don’t do their job fire them. The top 3 picks for the position walked due to this alone I hear. So they hire a young inexperienced guy that will do exactly as McClure advises him to just like Plunk did. The kids lose while the select few fatten their pockets.
  9. In just very a short time everyone will see what type of character coach and mentor Morton will be. If he comes in keeping any of the former staff then you will know where he stands and that McClure is really in charge behind scenes. IMO McClures ego doesn’t want another AD to be successful that’s why he is always so heavily involved in the searches. Not one coach that was on staff with McClure or Plunk better be left or you can put a fork in this one before he even begins. On the other hand if he does the right thing and cleans house the elite of Atlanta will scramble to replace him. Huge task ahead and I’m hoping he can turn this around but he has some major battles ahead to do so. Politics is poisonous in Atlanta and I hope Morton’s inexperience as a AD isn’t a repeat of last year or the year before.
  10. Baca should be a elementary PE coach at best.
  11. Tried to tell everyone McClure connection! The top 3 I’ve heard sniffed out the political pressure by having a previous AD heavily involved and ran. While I do wish Morton the and I’m hopeful he’s the one however if he wants to build a power program and not be a Plunk part 2 he better clean house from top to bottom and replace it with fresh faces and cultures and discipline from the start. They all must go or the cancer will grow.
  12. I’m hearing the pick is a younger guy that has McClure connections from THS back in the day. If so this should prove to most of the sheeple that McClure was and is on the search committee and his decade old culture and political influence is alive and well in rabbit land and looks as if it’s here to stay. Unbelievable!
  13. Good points. In my opinion he wasn’t ready to give it up and out of spite he encouraged everyone to hire Plunk knowing what a disaster it would be since he had played Plunk twice in the past I believe. In his own selfish ways a 0-10 Plunk would make his pitiful decade performance look great. Sad thing is I hear he is on this new search committee as well. He should be fired along with the rest of the remaining coaching staff. Atlanta has the assets but always screw it up with politics. It’s hard for me to believe a great coach wouldn’t smell a rat with a previous AD still hanging around and decline the job. That little man syndrome runs deep in rabbit land. #fireeveryone
  14. I agree Plunk and Baca got Plunk fired however with the awful culture McClure created during the decade he was around he should’ve been run completely off and never allowed to come to the stadium unless he purchased his own ticket much less be on any committee to hire. He should be ashamed of the discipline he instilled in the program and embarrassed how his own kid acts Get rid of everyone!
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