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  1. My kids came thru several years ago and were average at best athletes and I admit that. I have a relative that is a senior this year and got a lot of playing time in football this year. That’s not the issue. The issue is the politics that has been played over the last decade has taken away success from any Atlanta kid. That’s where I’m bothered by it. It hasn’t changed and the same people that are connected pull strings to get their kids to play at all costs and gladly watch the team go 0-10 just so theirs got to play. Our community has a ton of athletes each year but none stands up to the blatant politics and it’s frustrating to see it continue on year after year.
  2. If you get my frustration then you should be able to see clearly why I choose to discuss what’s going on. I’ve had several kids close to my family over the last 6-7 years that have been faced with politics and double standards and it was gravely unfair. It always seemed to be in favor of certain people in Atlanta and crap on the rest of them no matter the costs. If you have ever been affiliated you know! I don’t know anymore details yet but to me if you fail a drug test you should be removed immediately and the kids who have busted their butts playing back up at practice should get their shot. Are random drug test the norm now? If not I wonder why it was ordered?
  3. So Atlanta springs a drug test on the baseball team in which 4 players failed the test. However all 4 players remain on the team unpunished. They must be part of the affluent family’s that have zero consequences for their actions. Typical Atlanta BS. Morton may be just another puppet if he doesn’t hold anyone and everyone accountable.
  4. I have relatives in Pittsburg that had 2 sons under Baca there. Knowing all the division he caused there I was shocked when we announced hiring him. He knew nothing about developing a program and is def a confidence killer in kids. He is accustomed to losing then pointing fingers and blame as to why. He is a terrible cancer for any program and hopefully Morton recognizes this. We would be way better off bringing in a new hire than to keep him around. He’s 4-26 last 3 years for sake how do we actually think he’s a benefit to our program over Horsley? As long as he is associated with varsity sit back and watch the fall out and division he will create and Lord knows we can’t handle much more negativity. Still more house cleaning needed!
  5. We lose those 2 coaches and a phenomenal running back to only keep the worlds worst coach in Brad Baca and we made up a job for the previous AD who should’ve been fired right along with Plunk. It seems we aren’t concerned for the betterment of the kids program we are concerned for fattening the pay checks of the prominent ones.
  6. Heard Horsley is gone back to Carthage
  7. Let’s hope he brings in several more! I do know he’s starting to introduce some discipline and starting to get acclimated. Hope he can see thru the fog and not buy into any outside pressure. If he heads in the right direction the sky is the limit. Hopefully we will see some more action soon!
  8. Development?! Collins never lifted weights until he came to Kentucky?? This should be alarming and where we must change today! Morton has his work cut out and hopefully deep cleans!
  9. I think that’s the million dollar question all should be asking! “Kids are clearly going elsewhere”…………Why?!……..that’s the point of any of my discussions. If we arent “as talented” because of kids going elsewhere then we all must find out why. Anyone that’s been a fan the last 5 -10 years has seen discipline rapidly declining, politics played, kids leaving , the end result the first ever 0-10 season. This should be alarming to anyone in our district or on this message board. I’m hopeful Morton is the man and will support him 100% however the old days must be left behind and a line drawn in the sand. If done so with a little patience from all of us the ingredients are here and within a few years could be ripe for the picking. Time for change!
  10. Sorry I wasn’t clear. I’m speaking to the overall development culture and discipline in offseason and football. I want the best for the kiddos and coaches but watching the program over last 5 years spiral is disheartening. Something must give.
  11. 3-18 sucks which is the last 2 seasons record with the worst discipline in the state. Carry on.
  12. Do your job or lose it is that wrong? The ones that know…know. And most do
  13. Lol. You must be one of them. Or are clueless and listening to the false narrative.
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